Friday, February 6, 2015

Every Cubic Inch Is A Miracle

by Deanna

Last year at this time I was in a funk. Despair was eating away at my usual good nature.  I kept blaming it on the horrible winter we were having and perhaps that was the reason, but slowly I have brought myself back to my "feel good" space and I see life with a much better attitude.  We all go through stages similar to this, just read Leigh's post that she wrote earlier this week.  We all face those "down-times" and sometimes it is not as simple as "shaking it off" or a "get over it". Every life has its dark and cheerful hours. Happiness comes from choosing which to remember.

This winter I have embraced a more positive attitude.  I get out of the house more, I relish the sun when it shines, I have been reading good books, and seeking out the beauty of the winter.  We had a bountiful snow fall on Sunday, all 16 inches of it, so after the snow plows had cleared the streets, and my snow angels had shoveled my driveway, I drove to the Arboretum with snow still falling.

As I slowly drove through this beautiful place covered with pure white  I had my Sirius radio tuned in to the "Spa" station which delivers soft, soothing, relaxing music.  It was then I felt like life had handed me a magical moment.

In the Spring the trees are in bud and flowering, the Summer brings all shades of green, the Fall is like a painting of oranges, reds & golds.  But in the winter the bones, the framework, the shapes and forms are in full display.   Their nakedness reveals their inner beauty.

The snow had gathered in little puff balls on some of the branches.

And since our Focusing On Life Theme for the month is LOVE I managed to find a tree with a heart carved into its trunk.  Ahh sweet love.

Walt Whitman said it best....Savor every day. "To me every hour of the light and dark is a miracle. Every cubic inch of space is a miracle."  I couldn't agree more.


Dotti said...

Such beauty! Really, these pictures are works of art, the snow in all its splendor, when it's new, white, pristine. Yes, I remember last winter. I was concerned. But seeing you come back to yourself has warmed my heart. It's not always easy but much of it often has to do with our attitude, our outlook, the choices we make. Just as we choose to what to see with our cameras, we choose to find ... or not find ... the joy and beauty in life. Sometimes we do need a little help from our friends.

Carol said...

It's so hard to make yourself put those boots and coats on when you really don't have to, but I always feel that winter images are so worth it. These are absolutely beautiful! I also ALWAYS feel better about life after being out in nature. I just seem to absorb its energy, and it is calming and energizing at the same time. Glad you are feeling better, and grateful for the beautiy you shared with all of us today.

terriporter said...

Oh, my, these are just so beautiful that it makes a person like me who hates the cold long for a walk in the snow! Just stunningly captured! So glad you are back to your sunny self, even when there's no sun. I have been in a bit of a funk myself and haven't been getting out with my camera, even though the weather is no excuse, and I know as soon as I do, that funk will lift because that's what always happens. It's getting out the door that's the hard part! Thanks for the inspiration to get out and have a photo walk. In a few short weeks we'll be photo walking together and that will lift my spirits for sure!

AFishGirl said...

What a great quote and such shots. Ah, this is glorious.

Nicki said...

These are magnificent; I love the beauty of a winter tree. I am so glad you are emerging from your funk. As the saying goes, "been there, done that" and I think it is a normal cycle of life - one that makes us more appreciative of the up times and less judgmental.

Enjoy and take care.

Kelly Kardos said...

I am just loving the snap pics this year from everyone enduring it. Your attitude is everything-these are simply gorgeous. Nothing like virgin snow!

jennifer matthews said...

beautiful collection of winter photos. I totally understand the winter blues. Last year I had decided I needed to change my attitude about winter, it was coming if I wanted it to or not so i focused on embrassing it rather then hating it. I picked a good year to try this as last year was the worst winter in years. I went outside more, enjoyed the freshness of the air, the sun, did more winter sports. I have never been a winter person but with a change in attitude .... I love winter now. Freshly fallen snow, my dog and my snow shoes ... nothing better.

diane said...

Wonderful shots of that magical white stuff .... I know I should embrace it, too. Maybe during this upcoming storm I will venture out ... maybe :-)
diane @ thoughts & shots

heyjudephotography said...

What a great attitude Deanna, and boy are these photos beautiful. I find it easy to "love" winter and the snow for the first couple of snow storms. Then it gets old really fast. I guess I just need an attitude adjustment for the next couple of months to plow through (pun intended) to spring.

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