Thursday, March 12, 2015

A New Season

by Judy

Change. It's a word that can strike fear in many of us. Most of us think that change is hard.  Change can be painful and frightening.  We know what works and we can get complacent in our comfortable space.  Change makes us confront the unknown, and that thought alone can keep us from moving forward...even if that change will bring something that we've dreamed of, or something that we know will be better for us.  

Sometimes change is sudden and we are thrust into a world that we are unfamiliar with. That's hard - really, really hard. But many times change is a process, where we can take one small step at a time to get to where we want, or need, to be.  And many times, we still resist - because it's just too hard.  

What if nature decided it was comfortable in its present stage?  What if, God forbid, nature decided it was just too hard to change from winter to spring?  What if spring never came?  What if the green buds stayed safely tucked away in their dormant state, never to show their fresh new leaves because they were afraid?

What if the grass didn't try to push through the hard ground because it was just too hard to try?  Or what if those tiny crocuses remained underground, protected and safe in their cozy bulbs? When faced with change, what if we looked at it as a new season, as a spring, bursting forth with new life, and fresh beginnings?

Yes, change is hard, but with change comes personal growth.  Every time things change in our lives we learn something new - about ourselves, or those around us.  About what we can handle, and how well we do that. We can look at ourselves in a new way and think, "wow, I didn't know I could do that!"

Embracing change helps us adapt in different situations.  When small changes happen, they won't automatically bring fear and trepidation to our lives. And change can, and does, many times, bring improvements in our lives.  At first we may not see them, or look at it that way, but with time, we know that without change we'd be stagnant and bored. The more we embrace, and look for change in our lives, the easier change becomes... even when faced with sudden, sometimes traumatic changes. We can learn to adapt and move forward more easily.

So as we welcome the first signs of spring - the changes in the air, the warmth of the sun, and the buds and blooms popping up, ask I need a change but have been afraid to take the next step? Have you always dreamed of doing something but have been held back by fear of change?  Try to see change in your life as a new season - a spring - bursting forth with fresh starts and renewal... Be brave and take that first baby step.   


Dotti said...

Judy, this is just what I need to hear today! This week I've already modified my eating plan and kicked up my exercise routine. But I've had this nagging in my head that I need to up my game with my photography, stretch my art in some way, find a great new photography book (recommendations welcome!) and put more energy into this hobby that I proclaim to love.

Carol said...

Beautifully written, and a helpful way to think for one who hates change (me!).

Robyn Goddard said...

Excellent job on this post, Judy!

Lisa Comperry said...

Beautiful post and photos :-)

kelly said...

wow judy. powerful words this morning that spoke directly to my soul. a kick in the pants in the very best possible way. thank you! :) xoxo

gina said...

Such a lovely post....there is so much wisdom in your words. Thank you.

terriporter said...

Oh, Judy, I need to frame this and hang it on my wall for daily reading! There is NO ONE who hates change more than I do! When my kids were small, I didn't want them to grow up. When they grew up, I didn't want them to leave home. But now that they are adults and I love them as people as well as my children, I can see all the good in that change. And those kinds of changes present themselves to me every day and I fight them just as hard. Maybe they will be easier to accept if I see them as the coming of spring. Thank you for your wise words.

Linda R said...

What a great post. My life changes all the time, at first I was so nervous about it. Now I Love it.. I say bring it on.. But definitely something I had to work on..


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