Friday, March 13, 2015

In Pursuit of Trivia

by Dotti

Do you like trivia? Who doesn’t, right? Well, I’m not a true trivia nut but I do like trivia so since today is Friday the 13th and we’re all ready to jump into the weekend, I thought we’d lighten things up with our very our pursuit of trivia. {Notice I’m being careful not to infringe on any copyrights.}

Here are the questions and you’ll find the answers in the lower half of the blog.

1. Do you know how the Coke bottle got its shape?

2. The Heinz company is perhaps most famous for its ketchup but do you know what the company’s first product was?

3. When was Eastman Kodak’s first Brownie box camera first sold?

4. Which came first, Hydrox cookies or Oreos?

5. Why are Hershey’s kisses called ‘kisses’?

6. What does ‘M & M’s’ stand for?

7. In 1985, when Coca Cola announced the return of the original formula, what daytime show was interrupted with a news bulletin?

8. What was Kool Aid first called?

9. The famous Christmas song, ‘Silver Bells’ originally had another title. Do you know what it was?

10. Why do boxes of Animal Crackers have strings on them?

11. Did you know ‘Tooth Fairy’ is a registered trademark? Who owns it?

12. We all know Julie Andrews was a child singing prodigy with a phenomenal vocal range of four octaves. Do you know how old she was when she made her Broadway debut and what show it was?

1. In the late 1800’s when Coke was just becoming popular, there were many copy cat products. At that time, Coke was bottled in a straight sided bottle. The Coca-Cola bigwigs asked eight glass companies to come up with a distinctive bottle that would, 1) be recognizable even in the dark and 2) also be recognizable if broken. Thus, the curvy Coca-Cola bottle we know today was designed.

2. H. J. Heinz Company’s first product was horseradish and the recipe was Mr. Heinz’s mother’s very own recipe. It was several years before they made ketchup.

3. Kodak’s Brownie box camera was first sold in 1900 for $1.00 and a roll of 6-exposure film cost 15c.

4. Most people think Hydrox cookie is the knock-off but the reality is that Hydrox came first, making its debut in 1908, four years before the famous Oreo product.

5. Hershey kisses got their name from the distinctive smacking sound the chocolate blobs make when they hit the conveyor belt during production.

6. ‘M & M’ stands for the last names of the originators of the candy, Mr. Mars and Mr. Murrie.

7. ABC News interrupted then-popular soap opera, General Hospital, to announce the decision of the Coca-Cola company to return to the original formula product.

8. Who would believe it but Kool Aid was first called ‘Fruit Smack’.

9. Originally called, ‘Tinkle Bells’, the name was changed when co-composer Jay Livingston’s wife told him that tinkle had another meaning.

10. The strings on Animal Crackers are to hang them on the Christmas tree.

11. Colgate owns the trademark to ‘Tooth Fairy’.

12. Dame Julie Andrews made her Broadway debut as the lead in The Boyfriend, the night before her 19th birthday.

If you have any trivia you would like to add in our comments today, we’d be delighted to read them. And with that, let’s all jump into the weekend!

Here are the resources for all this amazing information:

Also, the uptop picture is a bottle that came from a case of Coke meant to be loaded into a Coke machine. It has clear water, no syrup and no fizz. My husband found it as he loaded a Coke machine while working his way through graduate school. We've had it for over forty years and it has stayed intact through several moves.


AFishGirl said...

That was a ball! Do this again! I am smiling ear to ear. Now to work to amaze them with my knowledge of the interesting facts. Happy weekend, y'all.

kelly said...

well what a fun way to start the weekend dotti! put a smile right on my face. also, i will never look at a bottle of coke in quite the same way. :) happy friday! xoxo

Linda said...

What fun! I should know the answer to the Kodak Brownie question! I remembered they originally cost $1! I think I am probably the only person that actually liked "new" coke back in the day! If they would have interrupted All My Children for that announcement, I would have gotten that one! I want to hang animal cracker boxes on my Xmas tree this year! Thanks for putting this together!

CarolHart said...

This was a hoot! Love the Silver Bells story! Have a great weekend.

terriporter said...

Well, I guess a trivia expert I'm not, because I only knew one of these! So much fun, Dotti!

heyjudephotography said...

That silver bells story made me chuckle! I love your husband's coke bottle with no coke.

Kelly Kardos said...

How fun is this!!!? Loved the animal cookies bit. I had no idea! The only one I knew was the Hydrox vs. Oreos. Here's my trivia...
A Boeing 747s wingspan is longer than the Wright brother's first flight. Thanks for the fun post Dottie.

Beverly said...

This was very fun Dotti...interesting about the "tooth fairy"! I didn't know any of the answers.

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