Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Thank You Note

by Judy

Dear April,
Thank you for finally bringing spring to New York.

Thank you for the forsythia.

Thank you for the tulips.

Thank you for the crocuses.

Thank you for the dogwoods.

Thank you for the rain drops.

Thank you for 'spring green.'

Thank you for the pansies.

April, it seemed like you took a long time to come this year, but for all the beauty you have brought to me, I forgive you.

Love, Judy

Doesn't spring seem extra glorious this year?  Many of us struggled through a very long and difficult winter, and if you were like me, you probably even questioned whether spring was ever going to come at all!  But as always, without fail - slowly but surely, tiny buds, green grasses, colorful blossoms and rejuvenating rains came. They really came! Maybe this tedious winter was just a lesson for all of us. Could this winter have been so long and messy just so we appreciate spring even more?

Won't you show us what April has brought to your neck of the woods? Fill our flickr stream with your spring beauty!

"And Spring arose on the garden fair,
 Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
 And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
 rose from the dreams of its wintry rest."
-Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Sensitive Plant


Carol said...

Sooooo beautiful, Judy! I can tell that our spring bamner next spring will be beautiful too! Great post!

Dotti said...

These peeks of spring in New York are just breathtaking! Here in Kentucky everything is so green, I feel like we live in Ireland. Yesterday my granddaughter and I were remarking on this and she said maybe we'd even have leprechauns this spring. That's about the only thing that could top all the beauty that surrounds us right now. Yes, April. Thank you!!!

kelly said...

April is definitely giving October a run for its money as prettiest month in Oklahoma. :) So glad spring finally found its way to your neck of the woods. xoxo

terriporter said...

And thank YOU, Judy, for sharing all this spring gorgeousness with us! I can only imagine what it must be like to suffer through a long winter and then be rewarded with THIS! So happy Spring has finally arrived for you. Beautiful photos all, but that shot of the raindrops is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Judy! I agree....Spring took a little longer to "spring up" this year, but wow it seems to be more beautiful than ever. The much needed rain helped, but Im one happy person to see the "winter blues" least for now! Your photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Deanna said...

Dear Judy, thank you so much for this lovely post. I think those of us who suffer from long winters so appreciate the glories of Spring!

AFishGirl said...

We're still waiting here, yard full of snow and yep, it snowed again today. It is so good to see this beauty in your shots.

Roxi Hardegree said...

I agree an who thinks there is an issue with global warming? Your photos are stunning. I know I'm appreciating my flowers so much more this year and they are doing fabulous from all the extra moisture we got.

Kim Stevens said...

Well, those tulips....OH those tulips!!! I'm glad it finally sprung in your neck of the woods. We have had the strangest spring around here, and I can count on my one, maybe the other hand, how many times it hasn't rained....flooded...I'm afraid we will go passed spring and straight to summer here.

Lisa Gordon said...

Could you please send some of this spring to my part of NY?????
It is still quite cold here, and not much color yet.
However the birds have arrived, so spring must be coming, right? :-)
These photographs are wonderful.

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