Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday Focus On You

by Kim

It's truly such a pleasure to scroll through our Flickr photo stream. But oh so hard to choose a photo to showcase here.

But as I was scrolling, this jumped off the page, as I'm always drawn in by an insect image. . . and so much goodness here. The beautiful shades of green, and the fluidity of movement that draw you through the image by way of the veining. From the depth of field keeping everything sharp, to the contrast between the snail and the leaf. And then there is that gorgeous glow of light!!

This stunning image was submitted by José Manuel Lamas Táboas, and if you haven't checked out his Flickr photo stream, go now. He has a fabulous collection of diverse images. Thank you José for sharing your view with us here at Focusing on Life.

And as always keep sharing your vision of the world with us in our Flickr group.

Have a wonderful day!


terriporter said...

I remember seeing this in the Flickr gallery and being blown away! In fact, Kim, at first I thought it was yours, since you're our resident nature girl! Such a stunning image! The light and the veining makes it look like a painting. Thank you so much, Jose, for sharing your beautiful art with us here!

kelly said...

gorgeous color and lines!

Dotti said...

Perfect selection for Earth Day!

Kathy McB said...

Oh my! What a perfect silhouette and perspective! Kudos!

Michelle B said...

Love it!!

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