Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Golden Hour...Inside

by Linda
In my imaginary life I am outside every morning and every evening during golden hour, frolicking with my camera, taking lots of magical shots.
In my real life, I am often standing at the stove, creating a masterpiece for our meals.
Sometimes, golden hour comes inside my house and forces me away from the Hamburger Helper on the stove.
The light will not be ignored, so I quickly grab my camera and happily snap away.
Ever happen to you?


Dotti said...

And the hamburger helper (I know you better than that!) burns .... We need to learn to eat earlier or very late as they do in Europe. After all, Golden Hour is for photographers to frolick, not to cook. First things first or we'd miss the beauty you captured with this gorgeous light and stunning flowers. (I hope you've gotten to do some Golden Hour frolicking in NM this week.)

terriporter said...

Oh, I have left many a meal cooking on the stove when I noticed some amazing light! All of a sudden you notice that pink quality to the light and you just know you have to shut off the stove (if you're smart!) and grab your camera. My husband is used to it by now!

kelly said...

all. the. time. :) xoxo

Roxi Hardegree said...

Oh yes! often in the morning I'm stolen away into magic land. Sometimes I'll just stare and take in the light that bathes the kitchen.

AFishGirl said...

Golden hour and dawn hour should be free times for us. Like the clock stops and everyone freezes except us and we can be with our cameras for that hour and it's all our own time.

Liz said...

I love Golden Hour! I also love Blue Hour which comes right after sunset or before sunrise. The light is fabulous then!

Susan Licht said...

oh yes, I can so relate to this!

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