Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday Focus on You

by Dotti

It gets more challenging each week to select just one photo from the gallery but as I began this Wednesday morning, this beautiful Gerbera daisy and word art spoke to me. It seemed the perfect message to take into our Wednesday this week. Let's all be someone's sunshine, courtesy of this stunning reminder by P J Scott, aka, Pam.

Thank you, Pam, for sharing this gorgeous photo with focus so perfect it captures the essence of this beautiful flower and gives us a truly inspirational message to carry in our hearts on this day.


Carol said...

Agreed! So perfect!

Lisa Comperry said...

So beautiful :-)

terriporter said...

Such a happy shot to wake up to! Thanks, Pam, for sharing your beauty.

Anonymous said...

Wow....such a happy photo! Thanks for sharing, Pam!

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