Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Smile and a Hello

by Judy

Earlier this week I was rushing through the grocery store after work, trying to get a few last minute things for my dinner preparation.  I was in a hurry and I was tired, but as I put my items on the checkout counter I smiled and said hello to the cashier.  She gave me a huge smile back and proceeded to ring up my items.  As we bagged my groceries together and chatted, she told me that I was the only friendly customer she had had so far, an hour into her shift. 

As I walked to my car I felt sad, and I found myself start to tear up a bit as I got into my car.  It was such an easy thing to do to make that cashier's day just a little bit brighter - a smile and a hello.  I started thinking - panicking really...  I consider myself to be a friendly person, and I always try to be polite.  But I wondered - how many times have I been in my "own little world" thinking about the next thing on my to-do list, or where I needed to be next?  How many times had I unintentionally left a person feeling like this cashier had felt before I arrived?

 I thought, just like the 'just say no' campaigns, we need a 'just say hello' campaign.  Surprisingly, I found online, that Oprah has exactly that!  She has a just say hello campaign!  You can check it out here and participate if you'd like. I also found this article written by a college professor about this topic, and love that his college has a 'Say Hello' campaign in "an effort at campus self improvement."

It's such a simple, but effective way to not only connect with everyone we come in contact with each day, but a powerful way to make those people feel good!

I am certain that all of you try your best to be friendly and kind, but maybe there are times that you are rushing, or worried, or 'in your own little world' like I am sometimes.  I hope that today you will be sure to greet friends, and strangers alike, with a smile and a hello, and make someone's day just a little bit brighter. 


Sandra said...

A smile goes a very long way. That's so true and is definitely life embellishing. Thank you for the links! Nice smile on your image!

Carol said...

You just made me smile, froend, and its only 6 A.m.! Thank you for that. As someone who works with the public, L can tell you how very, very much it means to have a friendly, open, smiling person walk in my door. I try really hard to run on rime, and on the few days I dont succeed, I can't even express how great it feels when I come rushing out to the waiting room, full of apologies, and someone just says ' no worries" with a smile. I try hard to pass this attitude on -we all need to slow down and notice people more.
LOVE this Judy! Thanks for starting my day with love!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this reminder. This is something I try consciously to do as I go about my day, whether it's looking the checker at the store in the eye with a smile and "how are you" or just smiling "hello" to fellow pedestrians on the sidewalk. Everyone needs to know that they are SEEN, I think, especially those whose services we often take for granted. I know how an unexpected word or smile from a stranger has sometimes made my own day.

Dotti said...

This is such a wonderful reminder and such an easy act of kindness. It is something I try to do habitually and in fact, my family sometimes gets impatient with me because I've struck up an unlikely conversation with a store clerk or server in a restaurant, or whomever. But, it's also great to be on the receiving end of it, too, on those days when you're having a bad day or not feeling well. This is a two-way street, a practice that pays dividends both ways. And I'm loving your photo! I assume it is Ryan and am wondering how you bribed him to be so cooperative. :-D

gina said...

A good reminder, we all need to slow down and knowledge the folks around us with a smile. I do try to practice this when I'm out and about. You've captured a lovely smile.

terriporter said...

Just checked back and see that my comment from this morning never posted! Great post and reminder. I do try to do this often. It surprises people sometimes! When a checkout person says, "How are you?" and I say, "I'm fine, how are you?" they seem surprised I asked! My pet peeve is people who talk on their cellphones the whole time they're checking out, never pausing to say hello or smile at the checker. Is that phone call really THAT important? I like to think that those people you smile at will in turn smile at the next person they see. Pretty soon, the whole world would be smiling! Wouldn't that be nice? Love that beautiful smile at the top of this post!

kelly said...

awesome post judy!! it's such a simple thing that has such an huge impact. i just wonder if we all tried to be kinder, what kind of ripple effect could that have? something to ponder as i set out for my errands today! xoxox

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