Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Focus On You

by Deanna 

This was an easy one for me to choose. 1) I love hands, in fact I have a whole board on Pinterest that is just hands holding objects. And 2) I love those yummy cherry tomatoes that are ripening on the vines right now.  Don't those look good enough to pop one in your mouth right this moment and enjoy their sweetness. The DOF is just perfect and the blue clothing and even the chipped nail polish adds to the essence of the scene. This lovely image was created by Leanne Strilchuk who is a long-time contributor to our Flickr group. Please visit her on Flickr at her home page to view all the loveliness she creates. Thank you Leanne for being such a loyal follower and contributor to Focusing On Life.


heyjudephotography said...

Beautiful Leanne!

terriporter said...

I loved this when I first saw it in the gallery! Fabulous light and focus! Thanks, Leanne, for being part of our FOL family!

Anonymous said...

Thank you FOL for having me in your community! This is an excellent site and I love being part of it! You are a great group of people and I have made many new friends

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