Monday, September 7, 2015

It's Just Steller

by Terri

Having recently come back from a week-long vacation to the beach with my family, I wanted a quick and easy way to share my favorite photos with all of them.  Have you discovered Steller?  Have you seen other people's projects on Facebook or IG and wanted to try it?  Stellar is a beautiful, visual storytelling app. I tried it and loved it and can't wait to do another Steller story! You can get the app from the App Store for free (sorry, it's only available for the iPhone currently) and get started. If you have an iPad, it makes it easier to see what you're doing but doing it right on your phone works as well. The photos need to be on your phone or iPad so the ones I wanted to use that were from my DLSR had to be put into Dropbox and then saved to my camera roll.

Steller lets you create stories by simply combining photos, videos and text directly from your iPhone or iPad. You can browse around for inspiration by looking in the Explore section:

When you're ready to begin creating your story, you can choose from among their many themes, each of which has different layout choices, color schemes and fonts, and you can even add video (which you'll see in mine).  But don't worry, you can begin your story in one theme and then change it as many times as you want, trying out the other themes, before "publishing" it. In my Steller story below, I used the "Wander" theme.

It does take a little playing around and trial and error (I confess, I started over three times!) but so worth it in the end!  When you are through, you can email a link to everyone you want to share it with, post it to Facebook or, as I'm doing here, embed it into your blog.  Here's mine -- click on the bottom where it says "Click to Open". Then click the little arrow to the right of the cover to turn the pages.

If you are celebrating Labor Day with those you love, capture some memories and share them in a Steller story of your own. We all have stories to tell. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. I think you'll love it as much as I do!


Sarah Huizenga said...

Great timely post, as I have been thinking about using this for a project. So glad to hear that you enjoyed using Stellar.

Carol said...

That looks like fun! You are never intimidated by something new! I'm getting into the ha it of letting you tech me!

Dotti said...

Your Steller book is fantastic and I'm so glad you've shared this information with us, Terri, as I have been curious about it after seeing your book and so many others on FB.

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued with these stellar stories -- and I loved yours! So well done. Very soon I am going to try my hand at one….

kelly said...

i loved your stellar book so much terri!! thank you for turning me on to it. like the name suggests, i like the story telling aspect of this app...different from one shot on instagram. can't wait to explore it more and try more stories!

AFishGirl said...

Bravo, Terri! You find the coolest things!

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