Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Love Month

Ahh, February the month of Love!

I suppose that many people have a strong opinion about Valentines day...(a commercially driven holiday) but for me it's the month that I celebrate simply because it's a nice thought. What could be wrong with telling others you love them? So, I have to say thanks to the Greeting Card companies!

One of my favorite memories of my childhood was worrying over the Valentine's Day card I would give that boy who punched me on the play ground. (OK so that isn't politically correct today...but he was cute!)

Types of Love:

This love is the love that everybody needs to survive. It is that feeling of being cared for and nurtured. Some people would describe this as the type of love parents have for their children.

This is a love between yourself and someone that is totally honest, open and comfortable. According to Harry Burns (in Harry Met Sally) Men and Women can't be friends. We might have to get back to this topic another time.

The love that makes you go ahhh! yes!! The tear jerking movie like "The Note book" or "Sleepless in Seattle" or "An Affair to Remember" (stop me now I could go on and on)

The type of love that even though your child broke your favorite heirloom, kind of love, you shrug your shoulders and tell him not to worry its only a THING and things don't compare to your love for them.

Then there's my latest kind of LOVE... my love for a thing. I know, I know, things don't make us happy but I say... "au contraire!"  I am in LOVE with my camera! That's right!! This object brings me joy!!


1- I love telling stories -- every person has one.

2- Having the ability to actually stop time... and then to relive it again and again!

3- It has changed the way I look at the world. One of my favorite quotes is by Wayne Dyer, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

4- Like Martha Stewart says,"it's all in the details." well, I couldn't agree with her more, and photography has allowed me to look at life's details up close and be amazed.

5- Photography has changed how I see others and myself. I have learned to embrace the imperfections of us all, especially myself

I am guessing that part of the reason you stopped by this new blog was because you too have a love of photography or your camera!  Now hop on to our comment section and let us know what your top 5 reasons you love photography! (ok ok ok... if you only have 3 don't let me twist your arm)

Thank you so much for stopping by! We couldn't be happier. Enjoy your Month of Love!


KarenHarveyCox said...

You are amazing. What a beautiful post, I love the quotes and sentiments and it is so true about your love of photography. The beauty that you find and photograph always makes me reflect. Thank you for this opportunity to join this talented group of women who share the love of photography. You inspire me.

Linda said...

Happy February! Very thought provoking post. I do love my camera too! The best thing it does for me is it allows me to take pictures of the people I love! My camera allows to really see things, to stop time for a moment so I can cherish it, to play and be creative, to learn and explore. Like Martha Stewart also says "it's a good thing!"


Deanna said...

Lovely, lovely post Claudia. You have summed up all the reasons I love my camera. Stopping time and finding the details are probably my top two reasons. Your photography radiates with your love!! Happy "Love" Month my friend.

Focusing On Life said...

Simply wonderful post, Claudia! Love every thing you had to say and I completely agree. I think we're all a bit "in love" with our cameras, and that's a good thing! Thanks so much for all the thought-provoking ideas you included. I know many of us will have this post on our mind as we begin this month of love!

terriporter said...

Forgot to sign out of the FOL Google account and back in to my own! Sorry 'bout that.

Dotti said...

Sitting in an airport as I read this. Lovely and spot on. It is our love of photography that has brought us all together. How wonderful is that?!

janel said...

I have to say that my 'love' is very similar. To focus on details, and to take the time to pause, breathe and appreciate the moment. Another reason that I love photography is that I have connected with other women that share the same feelings about this hobby as I do...thank you for being part of that connection.

wendy said...

Well, Claudia (et al) this will be an interesting blog site. I haven't a diddly speck of talent for photography (although I take lots of pictures)...but I love how Good photography inspires a person and how gloriously beautiful it can be.
Good project to get involved in Claudia....right up your all sista'
You all look like a bunch of creative, interesting, happy people...I don't know, can you just tell that about a photo???
I'm still betting on it.

C'est moi Claudette said...

Congratulations to all you wonderful talented ladies. Claudia has talked about this adventure for many months now, and here it is. Focusing on life, the beauty around our life, each other, nature and passions that ignite our sense,s its 'll part of what we are made of.
Claudia you speak of "the love month". When the kids were young, I would make them part of Randy and I's love day. We never celebrated on the 14th, but one day before or one day after. Not as much pressure, and the roses were 1/2 price, lol. February also holds special Birthdays. My mom would have been 93 on the 10th. Riley will be 21 on the 7th, and our Juliet will turn the big "50" on the 15th. It's also the month we crossed the border back into Canada after 9/11. I'll never forget Feb. 5th. Ten years ago. So to answer your question, YES I love February.
I look forward to reading and viewing lots of beauty here on "Focusing on Life".
Congratulation ladies.
Love Claudie

stephmull said...

What an awesome post, Claudia! I LOVE my camera too....for all the reasons you listed! I'm working on a 365 project this year and you've inspired me to focus on things I love for the month of February. Thank you for sharing your words today!


stephmull said...

Claudia - here's my shot from today inspired by your post!


Jeanne said...

Claudia, this is a wonderful post. Your ladies all look awesome. I am so glad you have formed this group of friends. I too love Valentines Day and all the love and fun that goes with the celebration of love. We always try to do something special on the day of love. smile.

I will enjoy the results of this new blog. I am camera challenged but I can appreciate beautiful photos. I'll be watching.
Love you my dear sista friend,

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

wonderful post claudia! gosh a top 5...1, it gets me out of my head and focusing on the world around me. 2, it gets me out of the house and exploring new places. 3, it teaches me patience (ugh. 4, its made me excited about other things i love like gardening and travel. 5, its helped me make new friends all over the world! xoxo

Leigh Love said...

I so agree with Holly. Photography gets me out of my head and focus on the world around me! Perfect way to put it Holly! And yes, I am learning to be more patient through my photography also. It also helps me to slow down and notice the little things that I might otherwise overlook. I have a total love affair with my camera and feel continually inspired by all of my photography friends like you all!

Deborah in NC said...

I love my camera and I love taking photos - however, I am in no way a photographer. I am the designated family picture-taker and always have my camera in someone's face, much to their dismay.

As I sat recently with two of my young grandchildren, looking at family photos, one asked why I take so many pictures of them. I replied that one day when I get old, I may not have a good memory and I want to remember how they were at this time. My grandson, only seven, said, "Grandma, would you stop talking like that. You're going to make me burst out crying". He got it.

When my granddaughter was only five, she reminded me..."You know pictures are for memories, don't you, Grandma"? She got it, only five years old.

I get it also and that's why I love my camera.

Love this post, too!!!!

anngeedee said...

Reasons I love my camera: 1) It gives me an excuse to be in my own space in a crowd. 2) I get to re-live a moment by looking at past images 3) I can make other people happy with my pictures 4) It lets me express emotions that I don't always share and 5) It feeds the creative need in my soul. Thanks for a lovely post. I {heart} valentine's month the MOST!

Anonymous said...

'love' this post claudia! as far as top 5 reasons i love my camera..1) brings me's not work to me. 2) feeling of connection with universe, nature and people. 3) memories. 4) creating canvases in photoshop. 5) and the best reason...knowing a photo of mine has brought about a smile or good emotion in another person. that makes it all worthwhile and is the BEST feeling ever. :)

Suzanne said...

This is a great blog you guys have started. The photography is over the top!

As for LOVE...well you know we love YOU! We miss you terribly and hope you will come to visit us soon!

Lovin' you from Westfield Dr.

Jeanne said...

Claudia, I forgot to tell you my top five reasons I love photography. 1. Memories of people I love. 2. The love of the great outdoors and the beauty of it all. 3. Blogging. 4. Blogging 5. Blogging. HA!

Love you bunches my dear sista friend.
Jeanne xoxoxo

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