Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nothings perfect

This evening I spent a lovely dinner with an old friend. We ate, shared family sagas and caught up on good times from long long ago.  As we talked about our lives we realized that though we may have  tried our best,  nothing is ever perfect.

Memories help to remind of us good times. They make us smile again and laugh.

After dinner we walked across the street to a rec center where they had an indoor wave pool. Wow.

I took these through the glass, but neither of us had seen something like this aside from perhaps an advertisment for a cruise ship. This was Ogden, Utah... and far far from a cruise ship.

These boys were tenatious... they just kept trying and trying again.  These photos are certainly not perfect... but it will keep this evening alive for me just because I snapped and captured a moment in time.

Photos, memories and catching up don't have to be perfect. It's fun to embrace imperfections. I think they make for better stories.

Grab your camera this week and snap some memories and post them to our Flickr page!


susan said...

Here's to capturing the memories! And apparently...some waves! ha! I've never seen anything like this and didn't even know artificial waves existed. So now for today...I'm going to try and find somewhere here in Houston that has this for my teenage boys. :)

Dotti said...

This does look like fabulous fun, doesn't it? I've always been in awe of surfers anyhow. But, ahhh! Memories. Yes. Although I work hard to improve at my chosen craft of photography, at the end of the day, it's all about memories. Better an imperfect memory than none at all. I must have a few thousand imperfect memories to pull from so I'll head over to our Flickr page to post one or two.

Happy Memory Making!

carol's view said...

Ah I love this - allowing yourself to be vulnerable in your photography! We get so involved in our learning, that it becomes hard not to critique ourselves. My sister now says to me the pics don't have to be "you-good" just "me-good." In other words, forget the artsy stuff - I just want a picture - or , as you said - a memory. I'm so glad you had time for lunch with your friend. It's only true friends who can discuss all the imperfections of life - because they already love and accept each other.!

Linda said...

Pictures do bring such memories with them, don't they! Sometimes we are our own worst critics with our pictures. Sometimes we need to turn our "critical" eye off and just love it for what it is! Thanks for the reminder!


Karen Harvey Cox said...

What a find Claudia,
Nothing is perfect, but it does make for wonderful stories. Come to think of it do we ever really remember the perfect, it's usually the imperfect things that we talk about. I love the fact that photography allows us to capture the moment, whether the photo is perfect or not, it's the memorizing the moment that counts. I think that photo is amazing for taking it through a window.


stephmull said...

I'm working on embracing imperfection as I capture those memories!! Love the reminder!

Deanna said...

I think we as artists and photographers always are striving for if not perfection, close as possible to it. And you are so right, creating memories with friends is much more important and memorable than having a perfect picture. And that wave thingy looks like so much fun!!

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