Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Enjoying Every Step

I began to get serious about photography two years ago when I purchased my first DSLR camera. I immediately took a class on how to use this big girl camera (which I highly recommend for those who are just beginning).  I was determined not to keep everything in auto mode with my brand spankin' new journey into photography.  If I was not willing to learn all about ISO, Shutter Speeds, and Aperture why did I spend all that money to shoot in AUTO?  Admittedly I was the family photographer, but to say that I took more than family, my garden, and a few vacation trips would be an exaggeration.

Since that time 2 years ago I have taken thousands, yes thousands of pictures.  Some good, some great, and some really lousy.  But after thousands of pictures I do not think I necessarily have a style.  You know how sometimes you can just look at a photograph and immediately recognize whose it is by their unique style...think Ansel Adams.  Do you have a style? Are you drawn to certain images more than others?  Do you prefer people to places?  I seem to be in love with everything I see through my lens.  Some photographers identify themselves as "wedding photographers" or "children & family photographers" or "landscape photographers".  I have not found my style my niche, but that's ok because I am an individual and I have my own individual rate of growth.  I want my style to develop naturally.  It's not important when I get there, what matters is that I get there enjoying the steps along the way.  If you have found your niche, I applaud you....if you are still on your journey, enjoy your every step.

My journey has found me

From Places......

To People.....

To Landscapes.... 

To Birds

To Nature

To Animals

To Barns.....

To Black & White

And everything in between.

"Slow but sure wins the race."


stephmull said...

Deanna - your photography is beautiful! I think that you do have a style and it is uniquely yours!! I have often been able to pick out your photos in a group. Thank you for being you and sharing that with us!

Dotti said...

Deanna, I love all these photos. I do have to agree with Stephanie: You definitely have a distinct style (as does Stephanie!)but you don't have a "niche". That's a good thing. I think niche photography is limiting. Your ability to see the beauty all around you allows you to photograph many different subjects, inhale their beauty and share the beauty with us. I am profoundly pleased to be able to study your images day after day, you inspire me. And this speaks to one of the purposes of FOL: Inspiring all of us to see the beauty around us! Today.


terriporter said...

I completely agree with Stephanie and Deanna. I have always been able to pick out your images from a small thumbnail, they are so uniquely you! I also feel that I don't have a particular style, but people have said the same thing, they knew it was mine from the thumbnail. As far as a niche goes, I agree with Dotti that it is limiting. I think we all enjoy the art of photography so much that it doesn't matter what we are shoot, we love it all! Thanks for sharing such amazing images in this post, some of which I've seen on your blog and others that are new. Love them all!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Your photos speak to me. Always have and seem to every time I see them.
They ask and answer questions.

I like that you even CALL yourself a photographer. Some people have such high expectations of themselves and compare themselves to so many others that they feel that they dont measure up... you are one I aspire to be like.

I call myself a Contemporary Beauty Photographer... I believe that there is beauty in us all and all things. It's simply how we choose to look at it all.

You LOOK at the world through a fabulous lens and are able to let us follow along with you.


Nancy said...

I just love this blog that you and your friends have created...It's so full of beauty and wonderful ideas...

I too really enjoy looking at your photographs...I am new to photography and still learning about my camera but it is fast becoming a passion....I have no idea what my style will be but it sure is fun finding out....

Karen Harvey Cox said...

Hi Deanna,
Your photography is stunning. I love your crops too. It's a real art to be able to crop a photo just right. Have you ever thought of turning these gems into note cards. I wrote a post today for Vee's note card party. I shared some links to a lovely site who will turn your photos into everything from note cards to iPhone and laptop skins.

Have a beautiful day.

Deborah L. Tisch said...

These are all fabulous images. I appreciate your description of this as a journey that has found you. Great perspective on life, as well as through your lens.

Kim Stevens said...

I'm with you, I love everything I see through my lens too! I think my style, is just "life through my lens", my journey of now! Loving all the photos!

AFishGirl said...

Excellent post, Deanna. Yes, I can spot your photos and think you have a style. I see, over and over, an affirmation in the goodness of life, a joy in seeing, a delight in the unexpected. That's what I see when I view your photos and think about them. I love your wide range of subjects and your willingness to try new things and stretch and grow. As for myself, I'm still quite unsure what pulls me in and if I have a style. I think I'm evolving. Yeah, that's it.

susan said...

I adore your photography! Always knew what photos were yours in class by the gorgeous textures and writing, Deanna! You are an inspiration to so many of us. :)

Happy Friday!!! :)

Linda said...

Deanna, your pictures continue to WOW! me! I can always expect beauty from your eye!
I don't want to be labeled with a style either. I like taking pictures of things that I like, the way I see them. For me, as soon as someone identifies a "style" with me that will be the "style" I will try to avoid.

I'm a rebel like that.


Geneva said...

Deanna... you may not think you have a style, but I can spot one of your photographs in a heartbeat, so there must be something there. Your work always causes me to Beautiful!

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