Monday, March 12, 2012

What is it that inspires us to pick up our cameras again and again and again? Is it a quest for that perfect photo? Is it an attempt to freeze a special memory? Are we trying to stop time? What makes this quest so fulfilling?

I'll be honest, I can't answer these questions for myself, much less for you. But I like to think about it every now and again. When I saw this quote among some of Kim Klassen's brush files, I smiled. Yes, I hear you! Whenever I'm shooting, even when I get a good shot, I want to shoot "just one more". Who knows? It might be the next cover on Time magazine or something. So yes, this quote resonated loudly within my heart and head.

In fact, it seared itself into my brain and I found myself looking for a way to use it. It couldn't be just any old photo, though. It had to fit the message. Enter this little camera you see in today's photo.

It's not a classic, far from it, but it is nevertheless special to me. It is the first 35mm camera my husband and I ever owned, bought used from a professional photographer friend, on the occasion of our daughter's birth almost 35 years ago. But a funny thing happened before this photo was taken. This camera and my dad's old camera went missing. I knew they were here in my house -- somewhere. I wouldn't have carelessly tossed them. Then while cleaning closets a couple of weeks go, lo and behold! I found them. After quickly clearing the shelves above my workspace, I placed them alongside my other cameras.

While sitting at my computer a few days ago, pondering my new favorite quote, my eyes fell on the shelf with my camera display. Yes! I had the object I needed to create a photo for this quote. The next morning, with sun streaming in my studio window, I set up my elaborate light box -- white foam board. I tried this angle, that angle, filtered light, unfiltered light. Finally I had a few shots that made me happy. A bit of editing, plus one of Kim's layers, the brush with the quote, and I had today's photo.

Where do you come in? Pick a quote, maybe you already have a favorite. If not, Kim Klassen, among others, has some great ones on her website. Think about how to illustrate it, shoot some pictures, do some editing and add the finished masterpiece to our Flickr page. Please tell us why your quote speaks to your heart. Only by sharing will you become better at your craft.


Deanna said...

You know you are talking to a quote lover since I end almost all of my blog posts with a quote that is related in some part to either the photo or the post. Weren't you just "tickled pink" to find your cameras?!

terriporter said...

I've always loved that quote! So true! I have an old Olympus similar to this one and it is packed away. You make me want to get it out and display it. Looking for a quote and a photo to go with it is going to be fun!

Karen Harvey Cox said...

I love adding words to my photographs. Old cameras are also a favorite of mine to photograph, yours is wonderful. That quote goes perfectly with the frame.


Naomi said...

Love this! I completely agree. That quotation has been in my mind a lot lately too, Dotti. :)

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

It seems like there are many of us who are "Quote-a-holics" I have books and books of great ones and because I have kept a journal for years I find that often my entries were just quotes.

Now I have images to add to the quotes. My plan is to publish a book for myself of my favorite quotes some day. LOL not likely any time soon but some day. (just hope I dont get run over by that bus any time soon)


stephmull said...

Wonderful post, Dotti! I think I am inspired differently each day to pick up my camera. Sometimes I am searching for just that right shot, other times I am recording special moments, and still others, I look for a snippet of my daily life. And I do love a good quote. Especially when paired with a great photo! Thanks for your thoughts today!

susan said...

Pretty shot...adore Kim's textures, too! Pairing quotes and photos together are so much fun. They can also be quite uplifting just when we need it. You've done a beautiful job here processing your image Dotti. Love!

Linda said...

I think I have become a camera-aholic because I MUST use my camera everyday. It's calming, it's cathartic, it makes me feel like I'm really seeing things. Even though I'm not a big fan of processing (white balance, exposure, cropping yadayadayada), I admit I love the creative part of it. The textures and words and processing that can be done to transform a photo into art.

Lovely picture!


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