Friday, April 13, 2012


"If you stop photographing things, and start to photograph light, 
you will amaze yourself". ~ Steve Coleman.

There's beauty and magic to be found if you know where to look.  I found it by shooting into the sunlight.  The lens flare, the bokeh and the shapes and colors are simply amazing.  To me the word that best describes it is ethereal (delicate, exquisite, almost as light as air, celestial or spiritual).

Magic can be discovered at any time of the day . . . from sunrise to the middle of the day or to just after sunset.  It can be unearthed at any time of the year . . . from the dead of winter to the heat of summer.  It can be found anywhere . . . on a tree in the middle of a parking lot or by the ocean on a gorgeous beach.

Magic usually isn't perfect . . . at times it can be out of focus or blown-out.  It usually isn't found in just one shot.  It may take hundreds (that's the beauty of digital photography)!  It usually isn't found in your comfort zone . . . you may need to take a risk and push yourself out of the box.

Magic is sometimes encountered in the shadows and darkness . . . think silhouettes.  Sometimes you'll have a chance meeting with magic and at other times you'll have to seek it out.  Sometimes you'll need to change your perspective to find it.  Keep moving around to get a different viewpoint.

One thing about beauty and magic is that it's different for everyone.  I found mine by shooting into the light. Where do you find yours?

Today's guest post is by Dawn Smith.  I have known Dawn for several years and have always admired her photography and dedication to her art.  Make sure to visit Dawn at her Etsy shop where you can see much more of  her amazing work.  You can also find her on Facebook.  We hope to see more of Dawn here in the future!


Dotti said...

Welcome, Dawn! It's so nice to have you with us this morning! And I love this post. You had no way of knowing this but our little group here and at Prompt Addicts (a Flickr group) have been talking a lot about light lately so this was the perfect subject for you to pick.

What you say is true, it's magic and even more important, essential, for photographers. This spring has awakened in me a whole new appreciation for light. I find myself constantly following and studying the light, whether my camera is in my hands or not.


Nancy said...

For a newbie learning the ropes of photography, your post have been very informative and interesting... I am learning all about light and it's many gifts and I will definitely be trying to capture it from many angles....

Karen Harvey Cox said...


Your photographs surely are magic! Lovely. I love your words, they ring so true. Whenever I am out and about, I have my camera with me, just in case I should stumble on some magic.

Beautiful post.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for guest posting Dawn! The first word that came to mind when I saw your photos was ethereal and then as I started to read I came across your description. Truly beautiful and I love the quote about photographing light instead of things. Thank you for the enlightening inspiration and I hope you join us here at FOL!

Linda said...

You're pictures are so pretty and such good examples of using light! All my favorite things are mentioned in your post-light, bokeh, sun-flare! Just the best things to capture! Mama always said "don't look at the sun!" I'd be in a heap of trouble if she knew how many times I do exactly that! I'm always on the lookout for some magic!


C'est moi Claudette said...

Hi Dawn
I LOVE the way you use the word MAGIC : )
I sometimes take pics into the light also and I'm pleasantly surprised at the effects I get sometimes.
You sure have an eye for beauty, that's for sure.
Happy weekend
Love Claudette from Canada

stephmull said...

I love your post! I so agree that shooting into the light can be magic! And no two results are ever the same because the light can be so different depending on the circumstances. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and your beautiful photos with us!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

It is so nice to have you visit with us. Your words are just that...magic. It takes us a while to realize that the box we put ourselves in w/ photography isn't very creative. its when we step out of that box and try and keep trying the new that we find the unexpected... the serendipity... the happy accidents.

thanks for joining with us!


Barbara said...

Dawn your post was so well written and your photographs are awesome. Magic light is a good term for this and as a photographer it is something we all hunt and appreciate. Thank you for your post.

DawnS said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words...and for letting me visit here on your wonderful blog. It's been a true pleasure!

Carol said...

Hi Nancy - So glad you're hear - we are all learning together!

Carol said...

Long day at work - so I'm commenting late - but I also enjoyed our post and your beautiful pictures of light. Thanks for coming!

terriporter said...

Thank you so much, Dawn, for being our guest. Love your beautiful photos and I hope we see you back here again soon.

Ruth said...

Oh, those images are beautiful, I love that bottom right one especially. I mostly shoot into the light too, it illuminates colours of petals beautifully, thank you for sharing this wonderful post :)

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