Monday, April 9, 2012

One of My Favorite Things: Spring

After months of cool weather and grey skies, I yearn for spring. Signs of the earth coming alive again are pure bliss to me. This year, our spring got here early --- earlier than I can ever remember. So far we've been fortunate to avoid late damaging frosts and the flowers on the trees, shrubs and in the ground are radiant in their new found colors.

The other thing spring brings with it is the wonderful light, thanks to warmer air and longer days. With the color and light, the birds chirping happily, the scent of lilacs, the feel of the earth as you put that first flower in a pot, the first crunch of spring snow peas, it's a veritable feast for all five senses. Again, I'm sure it goes back to enduring the grey damp of our Kentucky winters but this spring I've been mesmerized by color and light. Have you noticed it where you are?

There is a wealth of beauty everywhere right now and I've barely had to step out of my yard to take scores of photos everyday. It's such a joy; it makes my heart sing! Is it any wonder that spring is near the top of  my list of favorite things?

I've shared some of my favorite things with you by way of these spring flowers. Won't you hop on over to our Flickr page and return the favor? Be sure to label your photos with the tag "My Favorite Things" and a descriptive word or two about your photo. This weekend we'll be posting our second Photo of the Week. Somebody has to be featured. It might as well be you!

The camera captures light, our minds capture images. - Anonymous


Cathy H. said...

The colors of spring do seem extraordinary this year! I think I've taken more pictures since spring arrived than I did all winter!!! Love your favorite flowers. They are gorgeous, especially the second one, the light is amazing!!

Dotti said...

Thank you, Cathy! So nice to see you here bright and early this Monday morning after Easter. I have never been as intoxicated by spring as I am this year. Lovin' it!


terriporter said...

We don't have hard winters here but that doesn't make me love spring any less! There is just something about spring that makes you feel possibilities are limitless. Always love your flower photos and these are no exception! Happy spring!

Linda said...

Your pictures are so pretty! As usual! The dew, the light, perfection! Now I want to grab my camera and head out doors! Spring is my favorite!
Oh! the new header on the blog is lovely too!


C'est moi Claudette said...

Good afternoon Dottie
I'm not sure I'll ever be here early in the morning, lol. Spring has not sprung yet here in my neck of the world. I think I saw a few buds on the trees, but they were so tiny. Your pics are pretty as a picture, and do capture the beauty of spring. I'm anxiously awaiting it here in Canada.
Have a great week.
Love Claudette.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Look at you Dotti -- 3 photos! ;)

Very nice lighting and really like the tulip (of course.

Enjoy your spring ... i dont think we can ever have enough spring flowers.


Dotti said...

Thank you, Terri! It seems there's just something refreshing about spring and the earth coming alive again.

Dotti said...

Thank you, Linda, and I hope you did grab your camera and head outdoors! I know you've been blooming since before we have but the blooming of spring never gets old, does it?

Dotti said...

Oh, Claudette - I wish I could bottle up some of my beautiful spring to send to you! But this summer when we're dripping wet from heat and humidity, you'll have the last laugh. At least until your early winter knocks on your door. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Dotti said...

Thank you, Claudia! And I agree -- there is never too much of spring to suit me. I hope there are definitive signs of spring in your neighborhood, too!

gina said...

Beautiful spring images, Dottie! Is that first one a dogwood? I just got back from a photo walk, where I was scouting out pink dogwoods....they fill me with delight. Spring is a glorious time!

Dotti said...

Oh, Gina, thank you! And yes the top photo is a pink dogwood. We have five and each one is a different shade pink. I hope you continue to enjoy spring to the fullest ... and thanks for stopping by FOL!

Deanna said...

You know how much I love Spring with all of its lovely colors. And this year has been especially beautiful coming as early as it did. Love those pink dogwoods. The small white ones are predominate around here, not the pink ones and they are so gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of spring and make way for summertime!!

susan said...

gorgeous spring colors! here in texas, the wildflowers are abundant alongside the roads. they are everywhere! especially love the indian least that's what i've been told they are. i'll try to get some put up in flickr today. definitely one of my favorite things!

janel said...

What a beautiful post Dotti, the colors are wonderful. What pretty focus on each image!

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