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"Let me tell you how easy you have it! When I was a boy I had to walk up hill BOTH ways in the rain, snow, wind and sometimes a tornado!" My dad's stories would at times have me rolling my eyes back into my head so far I could see myself thinking!  He never saw a tornado growing up in Kansas but everyone else did so he tossed that in for good measure.

Reminiscing was what "old" folks did I thought. Each year as we gathered around a family reunion table, the talk would always be about years gone by. "Remember that Model T we had?  I bet I changed that tire 4 times a week. Now with modern rubber, I can't tell you the last time I had to change a tire."

While the conversation always seemed to me a bit "boring" how I long for those days now and NOW I am the one "remembering when".

My daily mantra is "stay in the moment -- live today!" But even I, on occasion, can wax nostalgic.

 On my way home from a clients, I drove by a burger spot that had a CAR SHOW. The song "Remember When" boomed through the air. Rows of cars from various decades lined the parking lot. Amongst the shinny and newly restored sat my old car!! Obviously the owner didn't care about bringing this back to the original, pristine version. I'm serious as a heart attack when I say that this car looked very similar to my Green Beetle.

My parents had ONE car when I was growing up and my mom, sisters or myself would drive my father to work so we could have a vehicle to get us around for our errands. I tagged along with my friends clear through high school, even though I would've loved my own car, I didn't feel abused by not having one-- it just the way it was.

After college I purchased my first car. She was all mine! If I recall correctly I paid $250.00 for her. A used, tattered, but working Green Volks Wagon Beetle. (I don't even remember what year she was.)  My fiance had to teach me how to drive a clutch and stick shift. My house was tucked far back on the lot and so my drive way was very long-- I remember she backed up really fast! And... I only hit the rock wall that divided me from my neighbors a couple of times. :)

Typically it's guys who rebuild the oldies, but there were a few woman there with cars they loved. It was so fun to see their pride. I don't know if my memory is filled with pride just good stories of my clunker of a first car.

Do you remember learning how to drive or your first car?

Step back and see if you have a story to share with us.

Better yet! Do you have a photo to share with us in our Flickr pool?

We would love to hear from you. (remember don't stay a lurker :)


Carol said...

Oh Claudia, do I have a story for you!!! When I was a senior in high school, my boyfriend spent the entire year rebuilding his little MGB. The grill on the front represented an entire summer's work.
He decided to teach me how to drive the stick in my parents' driveway,where my father's trailered boat was parked.
......Yes, you guessed it! I slammed my boyfriend's car into my father' s boat! Two nice head light sized holes in the bow, and no more grill! It was not one of my most popular days..... That was the longest walk into the house I ever made!

Linda said...

I remember my first car, I bought with my own money and had my first loan on it! $60 a month! That was a lot of money back in 1973! It was a stick too and I didn't know how to drive it, my dad took me out to the wide open spaces to learn to drive it and in Albuquerque that means sand! Lots of herky-jerky killing the engine! But I learned! I had that car when I got married and moved to Texas. The car had no A/C! something you really need in Texas! But it was paid for and we were poor! We brought our first child home from the hospital in that car!

Thanks for the memories!


Dotti said...

Such fun stories from Carol and Linda! As a teenager, I didn't own a car but when I met my husband, he owned an old Buick of some sort that he christened "The Blue Goose". Oh, my! I can't remember all the warts that car had but I do remember that when it rained he had to plug a hole in the floorboard with a rag so the wet streets wouldn't splash on the front seat occupants. Toward "the end" (he thought of this car as a person!), he had to set the alarm for 2 or 3 A.M. to take the car out for a drive on a highway so that it would start in the morning.

Two months before our wedding, we traded in the Blue Goose on a blue and white 1968 (or thereabouts) Olds Cutlass. We thought we were uptown. However, the car had one feature the salesman didn't tell us about(if he knew): sugar in the gas tank. For two newlyweds the several hundred dollar repair job was daunting especially since my new husband was still in graduate school. We weathered the storm and the car served us well. I'm happy to report that our transportation only improved from that time forward.


terriporter said...

Carol, what a good laugh this gave me (and not at your expense, I promise!) Thanks for sharing this.

terriporter said...

Your post as well as these stories bring back so many memories! I made it through high school without a car (and felt very deprived!) When I needed a car for college, I wanted a '55 or '56 Chevy but all we could find in our price range was a '54. Totally different body style and I wasn't thrilled but that little car served me well and I grew to love her. Unfortunately, I left the keys in her one night and she was stolen. The thieves blew out her engine in a police chase and I was so sad! Wish I had a photo of her to post. I remember every car I've ever had. And it is funny that we are now the ones talking about the "good old days"!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Ohhh Carol, now you have me remembering the first time I took my dad's car out for the Sady Hawkins night out. I backed into my boyfriends dads car and LEFT!! I didnt know I shouldve told his dad, I was just afraid that my dad would kill me. He didnt of course, saying he was glad I was ok... but the next morning in the light of day, he was not happy after seeing the damage. Ugggh. Oh silly girl I was. No wonder he never asked me out again! LOL

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Now that you say this Linda, I don't think my Green beetle had AC either. :)

Carol said...

Did your boyfriends father ever figure it out? Lol
Btw, this post is so funny. I can't believe they had your car ( and also that we are the antiques!)

terriporter said...

Thanks to Carol, I found my '54 Chevy in Google Images and posted it to the Flickr group! Thanks, Carol!

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