Friday, June 29, 2012

Take An Umbrella

When my husband was a young man, prior to our meeting (on a blind date!) he got the yearning to become an actor.  He began his "career" at a summer theatre in Traverse City Michigan, "The Cherry County Playhouse".  It brought in at the time "famous" actors for the lead roles and the extras or "co-stars" were those that were considered "the company".  Gary was part of the company.  His time spent at Cherry County Playhouse was a memory that he kept for a long, long time.  While there he had saved all the newspaper clippings & photographs and had made a scrapbook that he proudly shared with all who showed the least bit of interest.

While there, he "costarred" in a play entitled "The Curious Savage", a story about an elderly woman who had been placed at "Happy Dale" by her family.  A place where those that were residence had been brought there by the men in "white coats".  Mrs. Savage was far from needing men in white coats and while there left an indelible impression on all she met.  She taught everyone she encountered that there are many ways to show love, one of those was "to take an umbrella, it might rain".  In other-words I care about you, and love you enough to remind you to take precautions.

This made such an impression on Gary, the fact that there are other ways to say I love you than just verbally, that with each letter he wrote to me before marriage and after we were married he always drew a little umbrella either on the envelope or under his name.  I saved most of his letters and pulled one out today to share his umbrella with you.

So if it happens to be raining in your part of this wide world, "take an umbrella," I care.

"Love has a way of making places sacred and moments meaningful"  ~  Janet Hobson

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Jeanne said...

What a lovely thought that is! Love the signature umbrella!

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