Thursday, August 16, 2012

Barns, And So Much More

Carol's post, and monthly theme choice of "Barns", has had me on a barn hunt since the beginning of August. Just like Terri mentioned in her post on Tuesday, there aren't many barns near where I live just north of New York City. (Or so I thought..)

Until this past Sunday, I had been limited to taking barn pictures on the fly on my iPhone as I drove by them on the NYS Thruway. I was happy that I had at least seen a barn, but those shots weren't exactly what I had been hoping for.

So this past Sunday I remembered Deanna's recent post about Sunday Drives, and I set off to points unknown, searching for barns.  Also like Terri, (our google queen) I too had googled barns in my area and had come up with one. Yes, one. It didn't sound like the old, worn, in need-of-repair barn that I was hoping for, but beggars can't be choosers. It actually sounded like a great place to visit - a working farm, area environmental center, where you can pick your own veggies. I thought, at the very least, I could get one shot of a barn to post and I'd be happy. Not so much. When I drove in the long driveway I was greeted by a sign saying "Property Closed on Sundays." Are you kidding me?? (Terri would tell me that I should have googled the hours of operation too!)

Well, not one to give up easily, I made up my mind that I wasn't going to just drive back home. I also kept remembering my last post about viewing where we live as a tourist would. Find new things. Take new roads. I turned the opposite direction that I had come from and just drove. And drove.

When I saw the flashing lights, cars parked all over the sides of the road, and a policeman directing traffic, my first thought was "ughhh, what's this??"  Well, what it was, was serendipity! There was a sign that said, "Art at the Farm."  I pulled into the big field parking lot and hopped out with my camera so proud of myself that I had found a barn for our Carol! :)

Barns all over the place. Big ones and small ones. New ones and old ones. I was so happy, clicking away. But there was so much more than barns. There was a man in the shade of a tree playing guitar and singing. There were families everywhere, picnic blankets down, little kids running around. And vendors. Fresh out of the field vegetables that made my mouth water. An art exhibit in the main house. And what could soon become my favorite vendor table, since I have recently discovered that I have a gluten allergy, the Gluten Free Dessert Kitchen!

There was so much going on. There was so much laughter and such a great family feel. (I was actually a little jealous that I was there by myself.) If Carol hadn't chosen barns for this month's theme I never would have known about this place. And again, as Terri wrote, this was all in my "own backyard."

No matter what the reason - get out there everyone! Take that Sunday drive. Google something and go hunt it down! Find all those hidden treasures that are all around you - you just don't know it yet!

We are thoroughly enjoying all of your barn photos and hope that you will continue to search for them to post on our flickr page. Label them "barns" to be considered for our weekly INFOCUS selections. Happy Hunting!

Oh, and we have exciting news! We are having a "linky party" next Thursday! It's all about stories! Watch for more information coming soon, right here on FOL! In the mean time, if you have ANY questions about what a linky party is, how to participate, or any other question, just leave your questions in any of the comment sections of the next few days posts. Then be sure to check back in those comment sections to see the answers to your questions so you'll be all set to play with us!


Dotti said...

What a FUN day, Judy! And your barns are beautiful. You've inspired me to get busy on my barn quest. There are many around here ... if I can just figure out how to get within focal range ...


Carol said...

Such beautiful images, and the processing on the top one is priceless. I love the story! I love it that at least 3 posts are roaming around in your head - driving, barn theme, and looking at your local world as a tourist would. That's what's so great about collaboration - we each add a piece that no single point of view would have discovered. So glad you are all enjoying the theme! I am really loving it. Think I'll take a drive this weekend!
All this and fresh veggies, and gluten-free desserts too!

Deanna said...

Now wasn't that fun?? I love going off the road and finding special treats like the one you found on Sunday. Barns and fresh veggies go together like a "horse and carriage"...!! Have fun!

terriporter said...

Wonderful photos and story, Judy! I love that you didn't give up when the first place you wanted to go was closed. And you had me laughing with your comment about me saying you should have Googled the hours of operation! This looks like a wonderful place and I'm sure it's one you will visit again. As Carol said in her comment above, I really love how several posts came back to you and encouraged you to get out there and find what you wanted to shoot. Love all of your shots but especially that fence with the peeling paint and flowers. And your processing is perfect. It may not have been the old, falling-down barn you were looking for but in your hunt for it, you ended up finding so much more. Love that!

Kim Stevens said...

Well, just like I commented on Terri's post, I had me a little fun finding some barns too. What a in the barn!! I just love adventures, this was fun Judy! Great photos xo

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Loved this post. Like my personal blog "dipityroad" I believe that trusting in that serendipitous find will bring us to amazing photos. Yours is a perfect example of that.

I love all your photos and your story.

Im out tonight before dusk to see if I can find some more handsome subjects.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally enjoying how all of you are having so many unforeseen joyous days of discovery in your search for barns! It just goes to show...

Natalie said...

Great story Judy and your pictures are awesome. Like Terri, I love the white fence with the peeling paint and flowers.
I have a little story about one of my barn pictures. I was driving to an appointment and I noticed off the side of the road a beat up barn. The traffic was busy and I thought about pulling over and trying to get a picture. I knew if I did that I was gong to be late for my appointment so I didn't stop. I kept thinking about this barn and I said to myself I'll stop on my way home. So after my appointment I went searching for this barn. I finally found it after driving by it a few times. I stopped and took a couple of pictures and drove home. It wasn't until later that I noticed the sunset on my barn picture. If I took the picture when I first saw the barn I would not have caught the sunset. I figured it was meant to be.

heyjudephotography said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
heyjudephotography said...

Sorry, goofed on my response so deleted. Anyway, I am so glad that you stopped on your way home and were able to photograph the barn. And to get the bonus of the sunset - there's that serendipity again! I do hope you've posted your photos on our flickr page. We'd love to see them!

stephmull said...

I love your story, Judy! I can just feel your excitement and absolute joy over your find on a Sunday drive!! Yay for you!

Natalie said...

Judy, I did post the barn on FOL. I named it "Erins Barn" because I had an appointment with "Erin" that day.

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