Monday, August 27, 2012

In Search of ...

... barns.

We've been enjoying some fascinating adventures in our quest for barns, haven't we? Not wanting to miss out on the action, I asked my driver husband to go barn hunting with me. Going on a photo hunt is so much easier when you have somebody else to worry about the car while you hop in and out, don't you think? Since it was an absolutely gorgeous day, my prince of a guy readily agreed - anything to get out of yard work. So --- off we went.

Now, I should tell you that we live in an area that is mostly rural so barns are in abundance all around us. The trick is getting access to the barns because most of them are quite far out in the fields, well away from the roads. But we had some success and a hundred miles and several hours later, I had about 125 barn photos. Relax! I'm only going to share a few.

In Kentucky, the barns range from utilitarian, as you see here -

To horse barns that run from this -

 To this -

To this -

 And, finally, THIS -

(yes ... this is a horse barn)
And they can be even more elaborate than what you see here but I didn't have access to the famous thoroughbred farms, where famous race horses have been bred. If you've never been to central Kentucky, you're missing something unique, the horse farms are over the top beautiful. And horse barns, well, they never cease to fascinate and amaze me.

We've had a lot of fun this month going "in search of barns" and I have been astonished by the barns you've been sharing on the FOL Flickr page. Although I'm more of a macro kind of gal, your images have challenged me to continue my quest for barns long after this month is past. After all, that's what photography is all about - finding beauty where we are.

We're heading into the home stretch this week on this theme so let's see if we can outdo ourselves. Please continue to post your fabulous barns on our Flickr page. And, of course, remember Linda's linky party. I can't wait to see your stories!

Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual.
                                                                                                                     -- Edward Weston


Jeanne said...

Hi Dotti, We spent a week in Kentucky and the farms are stunning. My cousin's son-in-law works on one of these farms and we have toured a few. We also toured the Churchill Downs racetrack. Awesome. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos.
xo, Jeanne

gina said...

What a great collection of barns, Dottie! That last one is unbelievable! What fun to go on an all day photo outing, with your own driver. I like to have my husband come along with me on when I photograph, so he can 'spot' me, as I tend to back into things and traffic. :)

Viv (modifica) said...

Stunning barns Dotti I wouldn't mind living in the last one !!!!

Deanna said...

Holy that last barn for horses or people?? Great collection of barns you gathered...I just love barn hunting but I am usually the one driving. Can I borrow your driver for a weekend, no telling what we could find. This has been a fun fun month of barns, 5 years ago I don't think I would have looked twice at a barn.

terriporter said...

What wonderful barns you found! Makes me wish I'd been along on that adventure with you. As I think I've told you, my husband's sister's husband's brother (did you follow that?) was the governor of Kentucky and his wife's family were race horse breeders in KY. I never got to see the horse farm, but I can imagine it might have looked something like your last barn shot. I'm a little jealous of those of you who live where barns are in abundance because I have so enjoyed seeing them here this month. Thanks for taking us on this photographic journey of all the different types of barns you found.

radish38 said...

Dotti, Beautiful barns. I love barns and I have photoed many. Ours have been working or retired wood barns which are now being replaced by metal which have no sense of style. I am photoing ours because they will soon be gone. Love to you and know where you are.

Natalie said...

Wow Dotti, I love all your pictures. I think you have been holding out on us so you can post your grand finale pictures. They are all beautiful and different. It is so much easier when you have a driver. My husband has been on a few of my adventures this month. Like you said probably to get out of yard work but we had some fun. Great post

Cathy H. said...

Dotti, these are beautiful!! It soulds like you had a wonderful Sunday drive with your husband. I did capture a few this weekend as we traveled, but mine were from a moving truck! I haven't had a chance to see if any of them turned out!!

Kim Stevens said...

Oh how I have loved traveling through everyone's lenses to different parts of the country in search of barns. And I'm with Deanna, wow, that last one....well I wouldn't mind staying there in a stall! haha Wonderful photos Dotti!

Carol said...

I love the top pic the best though. So nicely composed with that gorgeous horse in front. Sounds like a great day.

Leigh said...

Oh those are some amazing barns!! I love that quote too Dotti.

heyjudephotography said...

Where or where did my comment go? Where oh where did it go?? Dotti, seriously, I wrote a comment this morning. When I looked back at the site tonight, I don't see it. So, I apologize. I most likely wrote it, and then failed to publish it..
Your barn photos are amazing. I'm so glad that you were able to get close enough to capture these. I was a little bummed this morning, to start my Monday off seeing that a horse has a bigger "house" than I do, and with a pond in front to boot! hahahaha
My favorite one though, has to be the older barn with the wagon of hay inside. Very nice. Your husband/driver was "driving Miss Dotti!"

Anonymous said...

What a lot of barns in one day! That must be a record. Your images are terrific and your post fun to read. I'm going to try to add to my barn collection too!

stephmull said...

I so loved how you found some horse barns!! I think I would like to be a horse to live in that last one!! Awesome photos and such fun to read your post!

Dotti said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments! I'm so sorry I didn't have time to respond to each one yesterday but I loved hearing from each and every one of you. It's very heartwarming to know you enjoyed my tour of Barns in Central Kentucky.



Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Sweetie... just getting to your fantastic barn tour.

Each one is fantastic in its own way. Like I shared with you on the phone, driving through Kentucky years ago was a travelers delight, seeing all the fabulous horses and barns.

Love them all!

Oh and you.


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