Friday, August 3, 2012

I've Got Nothin'

Yep....I'm all out. Got nothing for you today. No words of wisdom, no helpful tips, no heart warming story to share.

I just spent the past week relaxing on a beach in Mexico. I was hoping a few days away would provide some inspiration.

Nope. Nothing. But I did get a tan (cause I know you were wondering).

I asked my son if he had any ideas for my blog post. He said I should write about how he hurt his knee at the swimming pool yesterday.

I asked my daughter if she had any ideas. She thought I should tell you a princess story.

Great ideas kids, but I think I will save them for a later date.

I perused some inspirational emails I've received over the past few months to see if anything struck a chord. I reminded myself of some really good things.

None of those good things made me want to write.

I stared at my computer for what felt like hours. I started several paragraphs. Went in several directions. Nothing worked. Nothing clicked.

I think I have writers block.

I'm pretty sure I have writers block.

But it's OK.

Because this is life. And our blog focuses on life. Real life. We get stuck. We get creative blocks. But we keep going. We keep working. We keep writing. We keep shooting. We keep doing what we love, even though sometimes it doesn't flow. And sometimes we come out on the other side with more creative energy than what we had before.

Yep. That's what I'm hoping for.


Sherri B. said...

If your writing muse is MIA, the writing isn't going to happen! That is so true...your words made me smile, because it's something we all relate to at one time or another. Your photo is blood pressure drops just looking at it.

heyjudephotography said...

I can feel the warmth, and smell the ocean looking at your photo. Ahhhh. Inspiration is definitely one of those things that we can't get on demand. I have a feeling you will be flooded with inspiration now that you're relaxed and recharged!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

I love this. Our blog is totally, 100% all about life and sometimes life isn't happening like we planned or want. This brought a smile to me because on more than one occation I have done exactly what you have.

I once read from another good blogger I follow that they go to their folder that houses their photos and grab a couple and write something around them. LOL so now you know where I get my "grand ideas"

Looking forward to the princess story though.

Hugs! I loved this post.

Viv (modifica) said...

Marvellous you are echoing what so many of us go through... and I would love a princess story and I could kiss the knee better xxx

Dotti said...

Three cheers for honesty! Let's face it ... what you've described is common to all of us. The honesty of your post is a breath of fresh air, it gives us permission to be less than perfect, too. And let's face it, we are. Sometimes the well is just dry. But, as you say, I usually find that those periods of drought are followed by a flourish of creativity.

Your beautiful photo is worth a million bucks to me today ... Oh! What I would give to be there. Right. Now.


terriporter said...

Oh, yes, love the honesty here! You know we have all been there. But your photo alone says so much, it doesn't need any words. I feel transported to a place of peace just by looking at it. Wondering where in Mexico this is. Love your processing too. So hang in there, friend, the ideas will be flowing again soon!

whimc said...

the ideas are already there... it is about the continuing.... the looking and the shooting.... and the pause.... like the breath... it goes in ...pause... then out... pause... You're already there

Kim Stevens said...

Oh I can so relate, I have sat at my computer on sooo many occasions and re-read the same darn paragraph over and over again, hoping somehow to get the rest of what I know my brain is thinking but can't compute, from pen to paper. Last year I started writing most things down in those cute little spirals at Target you get this time of year, and when things come I write them down so I have ideas for later. It's just that sometimes the well is dry before the bucket fills again, yep, been there, I might be there now in fact. But, I will say, that photo is worth a thousand words all by itself!! xo

Deanna said...

so relate...right on sister..!! But you can still take a darn good photo!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, so very true in these dog days of summer...

nancyjean said...

Hi Stephanie...i think your photo says it all...

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