Monday, December 10, 2012

Misty-Moisty Morning

It's a good thing I became serious about photography later in my life. In my younger years, even if circumstances had allowed, I don't think I ever would have convinced myself to get up out of bed on a chilly morning, full of rain and fog, to wander the fields and back roads enjoying the muted splendor nature has to offer.

It's not easy to capture fog well. Depth and texture disappear  in the fog. Distant objects have no definition. Contrast is limited. Landscape scenes are dimly lit and because fog is reflective, your camera gets confused about exposure.  But the mood created, whether melancholy, spooky or calming, is worth the effort.

Here are some useful tips:
        (1)  The most effective shots use a foreground object.
            The clarity of that object defines the thickness of the                
     (2)  Because of the dim light, use longer exposure or 
             positive compensation.
         (3)  To avoid a "bright-out," use backlighting. That's why 
             early morning or evening hours heighten the effect of 
             the fog.
      (4) With texture and contrast gone, look for subjects 
           that are all about shape. Then walk around and play
          with how to best showcase them. Great silhouettes
 are within your reach if you place yourself

Here's a link to a great article from "Cambridge in Colour" that recently inspired me: 





have fun...



heyjudephotography said...

Carol these are beautiful! I do so love the fog, and making the effort to get up early and capture it is so worth it. Thanks for sharing the tips too - it definitely can be tricky to capture. Off to see the link you gave us! Beautiful work Carol, as always!

Danielle said...

These are great shots....we have been having a lot of mist late evening and early morning. I remember thinking last night as I was walking the dogs....I wish I knew how to capture this with my camera.

Focusing on Life said...
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terriporter said...

Oh, I LOVE fog! But we never have it and I'm not sure why but maybe it's because it is so dry. I remember fog as a kid living here where we couldn't see the house across the street but I think the climate here has changed. I can really relate to you saying you're glad you discovered photography when you did and that it will get you up and out into weather you wouldn't have dreamed of before. I feel the same. Wish I had some interesting weather to shoot but it's just more of the same -- sunshine and palm trees! Love the Carl Sandburg poem and the photo with the geese is wonderful! Also love the little message you added under your signature!

Carol said...

Thanks Danielle. walking the dog got me started last week. I was not so successful at first, but the recommended aticle was really helpful. I hope it inspires you too!

Carol said...

I've gotten so that I really love waking up early and getting out. My mother used to tell me that would happen, but I never believed her. I love the feeling on being the only one out there in the morning light! It's brought me alot of connection with nature.

Carol said...

Thanks Terri - you always notice everything! As I wrote this post I read quite a few articles on fog. My question is why you ever experienced it there in AZ. The air has to be really laden with water for it to occur - I would never expect Arizona to have it.

Carol said...

(Hi Danielle - my comment back to you went under Terri's comment for some reason - scroll down!)

gina said...

Great fog shots.....we have had little fog here in the last month and I've been missing it. There is something so wonderfully mysterious about fog images. I love the silhouettes of the trees in the mist.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Your fog shots have always been some of my favorites! they are so mellow and eerie at the same time.

I look forward to checking out the artical you were inspired by!

Hugs GF!

Carol said...

Right back at ya for creating our winter banner, Claudia -it's beautiful!

Linda said...

Your pictures are so good, Carol! There's something about fog that can really create a mood in a picture. Thanks for the tips! We have been having a little fog here lately and I'm eager to get out and take some pictures!


Dotti said...

Gee, Terri ... I feel bad about all that sunshine you're having ...

Dotti said...

Oooh, Carol ... these photos are so mysterious! And I love them all. Although we're in the midst of a rainy spell we've not had fog but I've bookmarked your linked article so I'll be ready when it happens!

Thanks for a good post!

Deanna said...

Oh great moody wonderful fog images. I did the same thing a couple of weeks out of bed early, got dressed and headed to the Arboretum to take photos of the fog. I will definitely refer to the link since we may have more fog than snow this year.

AFishGirl said...

Beautiful banner up top! And oh, I love fog. I grew up in a port city that was frequently "fogged in." To me ,one of the most comforting weather phenomenon there is. Walking down the street uptown and not being able to see my hand in front of my face. It was serious fog back then. Great tips. And one of my favourite books as a teenager used that line from the poem as a title, "The Fog Comes on Little Pig Feet." I read it when I was about 12 and got a copy online a few years ago to read it again. Ah, great post. Rock on, FOLers.

Kim Stevens said...

See, getting up out of bed early IS a good thing!! We had several really awesome foggy mornings last week, but as my luck would have it I was driving my kiddos to school because my hubby who normally drives them was out of town. By the time I would get out of that car line, the fog was nearly gone. I did manage a couple of shots...and I love when the sunrise is foggy! Great shots, full of mystery!! xo

Carol said...

Good luck and have fun!

Carol said...

I bet the arboretum was beautiful in the fog - great idea!

Carol said...

Oh man - I've got to look up the pig feet reference!!Thanks Pam.

Carol said...

I was thinking of you when I was out early!

Carol said...


Anonymous said...

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Carol said...

Thank you so much! There are 10 of us, and no weekend posts, so we each write every two weeks. Thrilled to have you join us. And check out our Flickr page too!

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