Monday, December 17, 2012

The Christmas Spirit

Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas and have done ever since I was a child. The carols, the lights, the trees, the elves, the Santas, the food ... all of it ... I love it!

Do you remember when you first learned the truth about Santa Claus/St. Nick/Father Christmas? I do. It was the age old story. Child sneaks down the stairs to see parents putting toys under the Christmas tree. Not just gifts ... toys ... toys from Santa. Although I was just 7 years old, something told me to keep this newfound truth to myself so I turned and quietly crept back up the stairs. In the morning, I acted surprised that Santa had come yet again another year.

Sometime later when I asked my mother about it, she told me all about the legend of Santa Claus. Since I had a younger brother (and a sister yet to come), she asked me not to tell him. Of course, I didn't and there it was ... the important lesson. Santa Claus/St. Nick/Father Christmas is found at all ages in the spirit of giving.

A few weeks ago my 5-year old granddaughter asked her mother, "What if Santa can't make  ...?" and named a toy she particularly wants for Christmas. Her mother assured her that Santa has dozens if not hundreds of elves and would get all the toys made in time to be delivered around the world on Christmas Eve. After thinking for a few minutes, she gave her mother a questionable look and said, "I just don't know ..."

Too quickly the day is coming when her logical young mind will figure out the truth and that's okay. There is beauty in the truth ... and especially in the truth of the legend of Santa Claus ... because the truth is in the spirit of giving. At any age.

We'd love to have you share with us a special Christmas story in our comments today.

Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.
                                                                Charles M. Schultz

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terriporter said...

I am thrilled that my 11-year-old grandson still believes in Santa. The longer we can keep them innocent children the better! But my oldest son was like your granddaughter -- very wise and figured it out fairly early. He was good to keep the secret and not tell his younger brothers. But when that day came that they no longer believed, telling them that Santa was the "spirit of giving" made sense to them. At that age they began to look forward to giving as well as getting and when they found out the joy that brought, it made sense to them. I actually vividly remember the first Christmas when I was more excited about the gifts I was giving than the ones I wanted to receive. Involving kids in choosing and giving gifts helps them to discover the joy of giving. My grandson picked out something for his dad this year and he can hardly wait until Christmas so he can give it to him! So even though he still "believes in Santa", I think he has discovered the joy in giving as well. Whew! Guess I had a lot to say on this subject! Great post, Dotti!

Kim Stevens said...

Hmmm, I still believe! ;) And yes, I found out years later that my daughter also didn't let on that she knew which I am grateful for because I really enjoyed being the anonymous gift giver!! Beautiful collage Dotti, and Merry Christmas! xo

heyjudephotography said...

Beautiful collage Dotti. I know I will soon be having that "Santa is the spirit of Giving" talk with my almost 10 yr old. There has been much questioning this year!

Katie said...

I remember when I was 10 and caught my big brother painting a miniature chimney for a doll house that both my big sister and I had asked for from Santa. I did the same thing you did, and snuck back up the stairs. I never told anyone that I knew, either. I love that my kids (13 & 19) never asked me directly about whether or not he was real. I mean, I know they know, but I love how they believe with such fervor. Christmas is truly a wonderful time of the year! Merry Christmas! : )

Deanna said...

I can't really remember the exact moment when I sadly didn't believe in the real Santa Claus...I think I had doubts but I was still half-believing into my young teens. I remember lying in bed and actually hearing the prancing of those reindeer hoofs on our it took a long time before I actually gave in and realized that Santa was my parents. It is sad that there is such a short time in a child's life that they truly "believe" in that magical Santa Claus. Love your collage, I am such a Santa lover too.

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