Saturday, January 12, 2013

Focus on You

This week the Focus on You spotlight is beamed on this image posted by Elke Sewoster, known to us as elke1403, who has been a longtime follower of Focusing on Life. The mesmerizing light and the notion of afternoon tea with cookies seems just perfect for the chill of January. 

Thank you for playing, Elke!


heyjudephotography said...

The light is beautiful. This looks so inviting! Thank you for visiting us regularly and for treating us with your beautiful work!

Cathy H. said...

This image is so warm and inviting!! I love the light and the line of bokeh! Congrats, Elke!

Jeanne said...

Lovely and "comforting" shot and the lighting is great. Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo!

terriporter said...

Love this image with it's warmth and light! That bokeh is dreamy! Congratulations, Elke, and thanks for being such a loyal FOL follower. I always enjoy seeing our images, both here and on IG.

terriporter said...

That should have been I always enjoy seeing YOUR images!

Elke Sewoester said...

Oh thank you all so much. I`m honoured and happy to be here.

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