Thursday, January 31, 2013

Forty-Nine Days... But Who's Counting?

by Judy

photo by iPhoneographer, and my brother,  Ronald Powers

After just coming off a week of bitter cold, I find myself dreaming of warmer days. I am one who tries very hard not to wish my life away -  to find something in each day, and in each season, that is happy and good. But, when I've been freezing my behind off for days and days now, well it's just really difficult to not start thinking of spring.

According to the calendar, the first day of spring is 49 days* away (see note below).  However, since spring here in NY may not show its face until many weeks after that,  I decided to focus on some of the things that I like about winter.....hmmm, this may be a short list.

1. Big, puffy snowflakes floating slowly to the ground.

2. Scarves. I have many, and I love to wear them.

3. The smell of the crisp winter air.

4. Photographing beautiful snowy scenes.

5. Soup.  I could eat soup every day. I've had fun trying some new soup recipes this winter, and Terri's Chicken Tortilla Soup has become a regular in my mealtime rotations too.

6. Hazelnut Coffee scented candles. I know, I could burn these candles all year round, but there's just something about coming into the house with the aroma of hazelnut and coffee that makes me feel warm and cozy inside.

7. Flannel sheets.

8. Snowmen. Big ones. Little ones. It doesn't matter. They all make me smile.

9. Comfort food. Something warm, and filling, cooking in the slow cooker all day, making the house smell delicious.

OK, so I couldn't come up with enough things to make a nice rounded out list of 10, but I'm happy that I thought of this many things! It just goes to show you that you can find something good about every situation (or season) if you choose to look for the positive.

I hope you are one of those people who loves winter, and that you're enjoying every minute of the cold and snow. But if you're not, try focusing on at least one thing you do like about the season. And let's keep our fingers crossed that the silly groundhog in Pennsylvania comes through for us this year!

 *48.4 days till spring. Or 1 month 20.35 days. Or 6 weeks 6.354 days. Or 0.13 years. Or 1160 hours. Or 69,629 minutes. Or 4.178 x 10 to the sixth seconds.  (but, like I said above - who's counting?)


Nicki said...

There is something emotional about the tire-swing hanging stationary surrounded by snow; a reminder of the fun that has been and of the fun yet to come.

Carol said...

10. SNOW DAYS!! That unexpected day off when you don't have to drive ANYWHERE!!!

Your brother has the gene - this shot is stunning! STay positive and stay warm and rock those scarves - you're almost there!

Kim Stevens said...

I'm chuckling, that countdown reminds of the one my daughter does til football season next year! :)

My list would certainly be different, since I don't get any snow...hmmm....sunrises by the beach, the occasional flip flop days, wearing a sweatshirt one day and the next just a t-shirt, scarf - what's that, but I do have fingerless gloves (yes sometimes the sunrise is chilly), lots and lots of coastal birds this time of year, and....I don't have to worry about hurricane season! I'm hoping we have a nice spring like we did last year, it lasted for more than just a couple of weeks before turning into summer in March, hehe! Great reminder Judy to find the good right where we are now.

terriporter said...

Well, my comment could be the same as Kim's! Our winters are so different from yours. But I think your message to find something to love about each day and each season is a great one! So happy you are still enjoying that soup recipe and hopefully it's keeping you and yours a little bit warmer.

CarolHart said...

Great post and timely reminder not to wish our time away. Many thanks for the link to Terri's soup. Looks delicious.

Dotti said...

Ahhh, yes! A fellow Northerner here, lamenting winter. We actually live south of the Mason-Dixon line and are kind of schizophrenic about whether we're "north" or "south". Our weather reflects that. Two days ago it was 69 degrees; today the wind is wicked and cold, snow forecast tonight. I am fortunate that our winters are much shorter than yours, Judy; I grew up in your neck of the woods. In a month or so, we should be past the worst of it. Hangin' on here ... and drinking lots of tea ... that helps me find something lovely in each cold day.

AFishGirl said...

What a stunning shot! Here we are counting down to April 1st, opening day of trout season. My winter ten 1. Snow 2. Blizzards 3. Shovelling 4. Stews/soups 5. Good for night sweats 6. Ice to photograph 7. The quiet 8. Appreciation of hearth (literally) and home 9. No gardening (not that I do any anyway and 10. See 1. I love the snow. I hope we get a ton more before April 1st.
Happy day to you,
Pam :)

kelly said...

never really like winter much - not that have bad winters here - but the older i get i am appreciating it for what it has to offer. like you i am enjoying the coziness of home and warm comfort food. hoping warmer weather makes it your way sooner rather than later. love,kelly

Cathy H. said...

I love winter, but we're not having enough cold weather to suit me! I love trekking through the woods when I don't have to worry about chiggers, ticks, snakes, and mosquitoes!! I love snow and crips winter air, hot soups, and warm quilts! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy each day!

Deanna said...

Oh I do agree with everything you have on your list...personally I like winter because it makes me enjoy spring and summer so much more. Love that shot of the tire swing in the snow...a picture prediction of future warmth... said...

Our Winters tend to be wet rather than snowy in the south west of England we have reasonably mild Winters and often disappointing Summers it apparently is down to whether the jet stream is behaving itself and it wasn't last summer :(

Jeanne said...

Think that you came up with a pretty significant list!

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