Friday, January 18, 2013

It's All About Me

I know, I know. A pretty brazen title, right?
And truthfully, no, it's not all about me, but I make that statement because I want to ask you a question. When was the last time you stepped out from behind the camera and took a photo of yourself?


Yes, it can be an intimidating thought, but take a moment to ponder it.
As ones who love to carry our cameras around with us, we take thousands of photos of our families, our surroundings, and the things that make up our everyday life. But rarely do we turn that camera on ourselves.


Perhaps we don't really think about it. Perhaps we think we're better at taking photos than being in them. Perhaps we don't like what we see. Perhaps it's just plain scary.

This January, I started a year-long journey with Meredith Winn, Kristin Zecchinelli and a whole community of women committed to turning the camera on themselves and discovering the beauty in those images. Several of the life sisters are on the journey with me and I know they will agree that even though we're only a few weeks in, we've been surrounded by encouragement and kindness.

Is it always easy? No.
Do I always like what I see? No.
But do I continue on and keep clicking that shutter? Yes.
Because through that I push myself to grow and change!

So I encourage you to try some self-portraits this week. And yes, you may take 100 shots to get one that feels good. But that's OK. Because we really do want to see the beauty that is you!


Barbara said...

Love your post & photo's, and I think you're a brave woman.

The last weeks I followed Deanna's "selfie" challenge, so beautiful how she captured herself. Almost 70 and still looking fabulous!

Truth or dare?
Ten years ago I took the last picture of myself. So the truth is I still don't have the courage, although I know it's my inside that matters most, and not the way I look.

Nicki said...

I totally suck at taking pictures of myself - technically and aesthetically - but Deanna so encouraged me with taking pictures of herself that I got my son to snap a few of me at the end of December. Do I love them? No. Do I even like them? Not especially. Am I glad I did it. Absolutely. One day it won't be about how I felt about my looks, just what I looked like for my children to show their children, to show their children. I make it a point to get books printed of my pictures and my words each year, not because I am narcissistic, but because I want my children to carry my voice and vision into the future. Only fitting that I put a face to that voice and vision.

Thank you for an encouraging post.

Jeanne said...

Sounds like a great challenge. One that I have never really thought of doing. Perhaps you should do a project on this blog. That would be fun!

Linda said...

That's weird about your post title because I thought it was all about me!? lol! I have to admit to being a bit of a self portrait junkie. I'm in 52 and You too and it's obvious looking through my photostreams! But really, self portrait work is difficult but there is something very freeing about it. It helps me look inside myself and find a way to express feelings with self portraits. And I love the creative side of the processing to capture a mood or idea. And I'm addicted to the tintype pak!

Beautiful self portrait work!


Deanna said...

ahh, Stephanie you know I love your self portraits and I have to admit that I am having a liberating time thru this ladies go for doesn't hurt a bit.

Deanna said...

PS altho you won't see me jumping off of the couch...there are limits!!

Dotti said...

Beautiful self-portraits, Stephanie! And yes, once again we're reminded that we need to put ourselves into the pictures, either solo or with the family/group.

Funny you should write about this. I got a new tripod last week and every morning I tell myself I ought to take it out for a spin with some self-portraits and every day I tell myself it's too much trouble to set up, take shot after shot, etc. And it is a lot of work. But in the end, worth it. With me, it's not so much disliking the photos as the process of self-portraiture. Any excuse works! :-D

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Hahha you beautiful woman! So fun to see you in action and bottom line I love your subject!

heyjudephotography said...

You are so good about getting yourself in front of the camera, and your selfies are always so fun. I took one of Kristin and Meredith's shorter classes and it was a lot of fun.

terriporter said...

Love seeing your beautiful face! This is something I've done a bit of and have wanted to take the Now You class but it just hasn't fit into my schedule yet. Wish I'd done some self-portraits while my kids were growing up and I was a lot younger! But then I think whatever I look like now is better than I'll look five years from now and I'll probably think I looked pretty good back then! But in the end, it's now about how we look. Why can't I remember that? Stephanie, you are beautiful both inside and out. Love every one of these shots. Nice work!

terriporter said...

Okay, should have proofread first. Should have said it's NOT about how we look!

Carol said...

Another round of beautiful selfies from a beautiful subject.! I'll echo what someone said above - your selfies are always so creative! You seem to find new ways each time. That takes a lot of creativity! I still love the one from Oasis where there were two of you. Keep up the good work!

Katie said...

I took my first successful "selfie" about an hour ago. I have to admit, I felt kinda silly posing and smiling for no one, but it has prompted me to try and take one once a week. It is a great exercise in learning new things about your camera. I only hope to be as good as you one day---that action shot of you jumping on the couch is very impressive!

Kim Stevens said...

LOL! Me either, heck I couldn't even walk the other day...BUT, you might find me on the floor! ;)

Kim Stevens said...

I had seen someone talking about the Now you, but until Deanna said something in a blog post I had no idea what it was or who was doing it. I would have liked to have taken a class like that...I did do a selfie of my 50th last summer. I used to feel so comfortable in front of the camera, I modeled a bit when I was younger (even had 15 minutes of fame in a magazine). But I had kids and grew 5 sizes too big...while my self-confidence shrunk.

I know I have to at least get in front of the camera so there is proof I was here!

I love your jumping shot - so jealous!! ;)

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