Friday, February 22, 2013

Travel Beckons to Me

by Deanna

Each of us in this collaborative group of women that write this blog are given an opportunity to choose a monthly theme.  February happens to be my month and my choice is 'travel'.  I love to travel, anywhere, anytime. Due to my husband's illness traveling was put on hold for many years, but now that he is in a safe environment and well taken care of, my wanderlust has returned.  In the past year I have been fortunate to have traveled to Arizona, California, Texas, Colorado, and most recently, North Carolina.

The Mountains of Asheville, NC

I've always enjoyed traveling, and have always traveled with a camera, but it has only been in the past couple of years that my camera has been upgraded from a point & shoot to a DSLR. Buying that camera and participating in many on-line classes has brought me to my current passion of photography. With this passion the urge to experience more and see more is ever present resulting in this constant need desire to travel.

Canyon Lake - Phoenix, AZ

Living in the Midwest, relatively close to Chicago which has a host of photo opportunities, I am also blessed with the wide-open farm lands where I travel the back-roads capturing the charm of old barns. Believe me, prior to owning a good camera, taking a picture of an old barn would have never entered my thoughts.  Now I become giddy when I spot one that is within my camera's lens reach and I don't have to trek through too much underbrush or across a cornfield.  I am in the process of developing the fine art of car window captures, especially when the temps are so low and the wind is howling.  But the longing for faraway travels has been beckoning me.

DeKalb County Barn

Right now I am trying to convince at least one of my friends to take a much desired trip to Europe with me, and since the only place I have visited across the pond is England, I am open to anything.  France or Italy being my first choice, but a nice river cruise through Germany would fill my need nicely as well.  If one out of the three friends does not come through as a travel companion, I might just venture out on my own.  How about you like to travel, have any trips planned?  We would love to hear about your travels.

Don't forget our weekly Focus On You where we feature photos from our Focusing On Life flickr group on Saturdays.  Looking for 'travel' photos to highlight this month so let's see where you have been.  


Carol said...

Oh boy! I love when you travel because we get to see the pictures" I , of course, LOVE the barn shot!

Dotti said...

Isn't it funny how camera and travel go hand in glove? We're actually leaving for Hawaii tomorrow. In 2014 all five of us are planning a trip to France and Italy. Wanna come?

Kim Stevens said...

Me, me, me . . . I want to go!! But I sure would like to go to England, my roots started there. And (lol) I'm right there with the barn pre-camera. I love seeing travel through your eyes Deanna, your photos are always so gorgeous and these are no exception!! xo

terriporter said...

I've always loved traveling but now my main motivation for going places is so that I can photograph them! Love your creative shot with the little car on the map and, of course, your travel photography always stirs my wanderlust. My next trip is to Dallas where I'll be meeting up with several photography friends. My husband has a client who lives in Seattle and wants us to come and visit this summer. And, of course, I can't wait to see Chicago with you!

Linda/patchwork said...

We've been lucky to travel to very many places.
We lived in Germany, 40+ years ago (Army), and traveled a good bit. Those photos are mostly slides, living in a box. Need to get those out and see what we have.
We've traveled to Australia, and South America. Alaska...on, and on.
Our last trip was to the Grand Canyon. Still haven't gotten that trip posted on the travel blog.
But, photos and travel go hand in hand.
Your photos are wonderful post cards for all of us.

heyjudephotography said...

I am always so excited to go new places and photograph new things. It really inspires me. Your photos, no matter where you are, are beautiful and I look forward to seeing them! I hope you get to Europe with friends - I want to live vicariously through your captures!

CarolHart said...

Such a lovely post. Really gets me dreaming...and remembering. I did just return from a lovely extended weekend in Palm Springs. Quite a wonderful change in weather from the wet, gray, & cold of Seattle right now. And, I have a lovely trip planned to Phoenix, where I hope to see you there Deanna, along with Terri and Barbara Hurst. Sunshine, warm temps, cactus blooming, good company...what more could a girl want?! said...

Oh love to go back to Phoenix and Santa Fe but this year we are staying close to home... Thanks for taking me on your journey Deanna....

Katie said...

I have the same kind of wanderlust as you do, so what I do is every Wednesday I pick a destination no more than 90 minutes away from home (gotta be back in time to pick up our son from school!), pack my camera bag with lenses, water and snacks, pat the dog good bye and take off till time to head home. That little break once-a-week does wonders for me, and I really look forward to them.

Beautiful photos, but I really love that bright red barn. Hope you have a happy Sunday!

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