Friday, March 8, 2013


by Deanna

Pick your friends wisely.

When you have a few minutes pick up all those magazines and that half-read mail.

When time is running out, pick up the pace.  

Pick up a pizza for dinner.  Pick up Chinese food.  Pick up the phone and order.

Pick your own strawberries in the summer.

Pick your own pumpkins in the fall.

Pick up those stray dishes.

Pick up a bunch of tulips to brighten your day.

In winter, pick your way across the ice.

Go back and pick up the pieces.

Pick up where you left off.

Pick up a good book to read.

And finally, pick one word to write a blog post about.....


Barbara said...

By "picking" you've always make a choice/decision to do so. There's a little song from my childhood... "pick up your troubles in your old kit bag... :) Love all the "pick" topics you've listed.

Jeanne said...

Good choice of words Deanna! and your photos are good to go with your word. I also love how you... always make such positive choices, and choices filled with color. You have a real eye for setting up the most lovely shots and little vignettes.

Carol said...

Oh boy! You are talking to a word lover here, and I have never seen this idea before! You got the old brain working here, and I'm going to be thinking words all day. Fun!

Carol said...

P.s. also love the puppy ( pf course), the snowy scene and those look like a lot of good books! Beautiful!

stephmull said...

I am smiling from ear to ear because you are so creative!! I love all your photos! Thanks for such a great start to my day!

Nicki said...

sounds like a plan. love your collection of photos to accompany your post.

terriporter said...

Oh, how fun! I love all your "picks" and the photos to go with them! Like Carol, I'm going to be thinking of words all day!

Dotti said...

What a perfect Friday post! Lots of fun picks to launch us into our weekend ... Love the photos you picked, too.

heyjudephotography said...

Way to PICK a blog topic and stick with it! Lovely photos, fun post. Happy Birthday weekend Deanna!

radish38 said...

Good post, and happy weekend shooting.

Kim Stevens said...

Oh this totally made me smile Deanna, loved it, the photos and your fantastic idea. I'm smacking myself in the forehead and saying, I could have had a V-8 - why didn't I think of that. The next time I have nothing....I'm going to steal your idea, is that okay? XO

Such a great way to be able to use different photos !

Linda/patchwork said...

Very clever.
Kim's right. A good way to use photos.

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

that was a fun read! I may just do that! I hope I'll be picking my own pumpkins this fall. It's the weeding in between that discourages me. LOL

Mary said...

This post is super fun, and on a Friday at that! Beautiful photos too. :) As a journalism major and a word and language lover, i might pick a word and write a post too. Of course, i'll give credit to you for this wonderful idea. :D

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