Monday, April 29, 2013

Off To Camp

by Carol A.

I am about to set off for camp. In fact, by the time you read this, I will once again be sharing the beautiful shore community of Cape May with the friends I met the very first year I went. N.J. Heritage Workshops, owned by Nancy Ori, has become my annual pilgrimage.

We stay in various bed and breakfast inns. Nancy rents a large Victorian house. Our schedule varies. We meet for classes in the house. Then it's out and about with shooting assignments. At the end of the day, we're back at the Victorian with large glasses of wine, learning more, or sharing our work. The first year, we studied Color, Light and Composition. The second was called Natural Light. Last year we did Black and White Photography. And this year it is about developing our personal styles, and creating portfolios.

We have visited marine junk yards, gotten up together for the sunrise, prowled the nature preserve, taken the history tour, and been to the boardwalk just to the north. You never know where or when you might find us! To help us recognize our styles, we have been asked to bring sets of pictures that we feel define us, and journals, for which we've already had some entries assigned. We are also to bring our inspirations, whether they be music, blogs, books, quotes or whatever. 

Lighthouse Window

Recognizing your own style is harder than you might think. Sometimes what is obvious to others is hidden to ourselves. That's why I'm so looking forward to the collaborative atmosphere. We will help each other to see ourselves. And next year we're going to France to trace Monet's trail! Really, can it get any better? Maybe you should join us one of these years.....

What sets of pictures would you take? Can you recognize your own style? Post a picture in our Flickr group that says YOU, and tell us why.


terriporter said...

Your Cape May workshop sounds so wonderful! Just sharing something you love with other people who understand is so rewarding but it sounds like you are learning so much as well. Your photos make me wish I was there! Looks like a wonderful place. Can't wait to see what you capture this year!

Dotti said...

This does sound so awesome! Cape May is beautiful, a step back in time; a wonderful place for photography buffs. And France next year! You're right ... doesn't get much better than that! Like Terri, I can't wait to see you photos and hear what you've learned.

kelly said...

wow, what a cool experience!! and you are so right on how sometimes it takes a while to find/develop our own personal style. but the journey is so great especially when we get to share it with our friends. xoxo

CarolHart said...

What a great post and something I've been thinking about for some time now...what is my style. Every once in awhile someone on IG will leave a comment on one of my images saying "I knew right away it had to be your image". Such a welcome comment whenever I get one of those because it is helping me to see "my style". What a wonderful annual retreat for you. It is always uplifting to gather with like-minded souls to share our passion.

heyjudephotography said...

Carol, I can't wait to hear about your experience and see your photos. I know you're having a terrific time! I agree - I think it's so hard to see our own style, although I can see others style quite easily. I photograph all sorts of subjects so I guess I have to look at my style not in what I photograph, but how I photograph.. I try to shoot in natural light, use shallow depths of field, lots of backlighting, close up and macro. I'd actually love for someone to look at a group of my photos and tell me what they thought my style was! Have fun.

Kim Stevens said...

Like everyone else, I often wonder what my style is. And I can't help but wonder if our style, what and how we shoot it says something about us as well. I would love to go to a "camp" like this, how fun and I can't wait to hear what was revealed to you!!

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