Saturday, May 18, 2013

Focus on You

by Kim

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far, I know I am. I actually brought home some flowers from the nursery instead of just photographing them!

I am always just amazed at the incredible talent we have in all of you posting your photos in the flickr group, which is why I decided to choose two this week. Really, I was so drawn to the two of these that I just couldn't decide.

The first one is from Roxi and I love the depth of field and light, the color contrast,  then top it off with a beautiful quote and a little texture and you have fabulous! You can see more of Roxi's work in her flickr photostream (coppercurls55's) and on her blog here. Thank you for sharing your creative vision with us.

This next one is from Leanne and I just get drawn right into this image with the great composition in the leading lines of the fence and that gorgeous light.  The choice of focus and depth of field help make this a really dreamy image, one where I'd like to sit down for a spell. You can find more of Leanne's work in her flickr photostream (Leanne S.). Thank you Leanne for sharing your creative vision with us.


terriporter said...

You chose two of my favorites, although I know how hard it was to choose just two. There were so many great ones in the Flickr gallery. We have a talented group and I love spending time strolling through all the wonderful images in the gallery. Keep them coming!

Dotti said...

Brilliant choices, Kim! Beautiful work, Roxi and Leanne. Congratulations!

AFishGirl said...

Just gorgeous, through and through. Delightful to see these two shots and you know me, not the most floral person...
Bravo, you two. Bravo all of you, really, each and every day.

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

What an honor, I was quite surprised when I went through my email this AM. Thanks sooooo much for the feature Kim. And congrats to you Leanne.

LeanneS. said...

What a great surprise! I am honored to have been picked with Roxi- her work is fantastic! Yes, there are many talented people in this group- you all inpire me!

Kim Klassen said...

congrats to Roxi and Leanne.... love the photos... really so beautiful.


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