Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reflecting on May

by Linda

It has become important to me to try to capture a little of the magic I find around me. I do not keep a written journal so taking pictures has become my way to record my place. This is where I was, this is what I saw, this was important to me and this is me, that is what makes me click. Moments I don't want to forget. Looking back at these moments is wonderful. Even taking a peek at what was happening, (or growing or blooming!) a year ago is amazing because sometimes it is something I have already forgotten and the picture will stir a sweet memory!

This month's Focus on Inspiration is flowers. I think this is a wonderful way to capture this glorious month!

There is something magical about May. I love how it ushers in the new season. Everything has sprouted back, leafed out and bloomed. The tender, new leaves on the trees are the most beautiful shade of green. As a child I often wondered about the crayon in the box called "spring green". Now I know! But that crayon can't do justice to the beauty of nature!

I look forward to morning walks in May. This month I woke up early to catch a glimpse of the rising sun and the show that goes along with that.  I saw the dreamy, golden light that appears just after the sun breaks the horizon. I could smell the sweet scent of Confederate Star Jasmine and Magnolia. 

I heard the songs of the birds and watched them as they scurry about looking for food for their tiny offspring squawking loudly in the nest. I saw a roadrunner stop, look, run as I pass. I spied a bunny sitting frozen as he watched me walk by, hoping I won't notice him. There were turtles swimming in the pond and sunning themselves along the edges of the pond.

I felt the warm breezes blowing through my hair and against my skin as I walked. And even though my path is much the same as it has been for many years, I discovered new things along the way. Sometimes I will see something and wonder how I could have missed it before! It's always a surprise and amazing!

And I saw the first blooms from my day lilies. These simple flowers make me so happy.

So much happens in May! A new season! Proms and graduations! New growth! Flowers! Backyard barbecues! Bare feet! Vacations?!

Yes, May is a good month, full of hope and promise.

How was your May?

"Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed."
~Walt Whitman


heyjudephotography said...

Linda your May sounds like it's been wonderful and I hope the rest of your spring and summer are the same. Your photos here are true works of art! So beautiful.

Kim Stevens said...

Just love that last photo of your day lilies!! Despite some of my challenges this month, it's been good. Lots of new Monarch butterflies from my front porch, and a lot of time spent there listening to the birds and watching the lizards search for mates. I fear my front porch sitting coming to an end as the mosquitoes take over and it turns to melting humidity!

CarolHart said...

Such beautiful and colorful images. Though the calendar suggests the new year begins in January, I've always felt it really begins in April and kicks into high gear in May. And now, as this beautiful month comes to a close, we are speeding our way toward summer. The ride is expected to be an exciting one!

terriporter said...

Oh, such a beautiful record of the beauty of your May! I love May too -- sunny and warm (verging on hot right now) here but a nice cooldown at night. I have really loved our Flowers theme this month. So much beauty in the gallery! For some, spring is just beginning and for others, summer is already here, but there is always so much beauty to be found and captured!

kelly said...

gorgeous spring images linda! and yes, i love may for all the reasons you listed.

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