Monday, July 22, 2013

The Poet as Inspiration

by Carol A.

(with help from English poet William Blake)

To hold a world in a grain of sand

and Heaven in a wild flower.

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

And eternity in an hour.

Every night and every morn
Some to misery are born.

Every morn and every night
Some are born to sweet delight!

Some are born to sweet delight.
Some are born to endless night.

We are led to believe a lie
when we see not thru the eye.

For every morn and every night
some are born to sweet delight!

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Deanna said...

What a beautiful post to wake up to....!!

Silvina Soave said...

Realmente preciosas las imágenes, hermoso post!.

Anonymous said...

Neat poem and perfect pictures to match. Simply Beautiful, Carol!


heyjudephotography said...

Your choice of photos to accompany these beautiful words are perfect matches. Gratefulness is a great way to start our days!

Kim Stevens said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! What could be better than a poem and photos to inspire our week!

terriporter said...

Oh, I love this so much! You paired the perfect photos with the words of this poem! I have gone back and reread this several times and I agree with the others, such a wonderful post to wake up to this morning!

Cathy H. said...

Lovely post! Your choice of photos is fantastic!

Dotti said...

This is so wonderful, Carol ... really lovely. Photos are beyond awesome.

Carol said...

You guys are just the most encouraging folks on the planet!! Thank you!

gina said...

I love this post! Beautiful pairing of the words with your wonderful images!

CarolHart said...

Lovely images and poem. Thanks so much for sharing.

Jeanne said...

Wonderful post, and William Blake is so fortunate to have your beautiful photography to bring his words to life! Love it!

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