Friday, September 20, 2013

A Little Bundle of Happiness

by Deanna

I found a little bundle of happiness last Saturday and her name is Cinder.  Since Toby (you all know Toby, my sweet dog that has been my companion for 7 years) was in desperate need of some grooming attention, I made an appointment for 12:30 PM at our local Petsmart.  I have taken Toby to Petsmart for his grooming needs for several years and have always been happy with the results, but apparently I had never taken him on a Saturday. After dropping Toby off at the grooming section in the store I noticed that there was an unusual amount of kittens in cages down the aisle of the store and once you stepped outside there were many dogs on leashes, didn't take me long to figure out this must be a dog rescue event, which I found out later happens every weekend.

Couldn't help myself....I don't know who spotted who first, but it was love at first sight.  I had to have that little bundle for my own.  Did I stop and think about the cost? No.  Did I stop and think about how Toby would react, Yes, but felt they were bound to become instant friends.  Did I ask the right old - 7, housebroken - yes, spayed - yes, all up to date shots - yes.  I am impulsive but I did keep my wits about a few things.  That's what so great about these animal rescue organizations, if you want a puppy they have them, if you want an older dog that has already gone thru the puppy stage, they have them also.

After all the paperwork was completed, Toby checked to make sure he was up to date on all of his shots, I was presented with my new little bundle of happiness.  I have had her barely 5 days and already she has won our hearts....well, maybe not quite Toby, but I have high hopes that they will eventually become great partners.

There are so many animals that have been rejected by their owners for various reasons.  Cinder was found wandering and when the owner was located, he was not interested in her return.  How sad that there are people that just let their pets go, put them out on the streets to fend for themselves, maybe convincing themselves that somehow they will be rescued.  And thank goodness there are plenty of organizations that do rescue dogs, cats, and all sorts of animals...they foster them, caring for them in their own homes in hopes that they each find a loving home.

If you are interested in obtaining a pet there are plenty of organizations that have rescued animals that are in need of a loving home.  Just google 'national animal rescue organizations' and the choices are many.  They even have rescue organizations for many specific breeds of dogs.  After any local disaster, the rescue centers grow in numbers....right now with the floods in Colorado, the rescue groups are finding animals that have been separated from their owners and boarding them free of charge until the owners are able to claim them.

You may just want to think about bringing home a little (or big) bundle of joy that has been cared for by a rescue organization.  I promise you, you will fall in love.

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kelly said...

i've had several friend who've adopted 'resue' dogs and without a doubt, they are the most lovable loyal pets. it's almost as if they've seen the other side so to speak, and when they find a family who takes them in, they are so grateful. glad your sweet girl is settling in. i'm sure toby will come around in no time.

Dotti said...

Somehow I just knew today's post would be about your little Cinder! She is such a charmer. Once Toby figures her out, I think they'll charm the socks off everyone. :-D

terriporter said...

Such an adorable little girl she is and it's so great of you to give her a good home! I'm sure Toby will adjust -- he's just used to having you all to himself. My little rescue kitten is ruling the roost around here even though she's a third the size of my other two!

Kim Stevens said...

I have no doubt that the Tobster will come around, I sure do miss that little guy! As for people not caring for their pets...well it says a lot about their character and they probably treat the people in their lives the same way....just sad! So glad everyone is adjusting.

Silvina Soave said...

Felicitaciones por la nueva adquisición, es precioso!!Y por sobre todo has tenido un gran gesto al adoptar a un perro abandonado.(Los míos también han sido rescatados de la calle).
Un abrazo grande y feliz fin de semana.

Carol said...

DEANNA - you are killing me! I want one so badly! Sure looks like you found a little winner - so so so cute! Great name too. That Cinder is a lucky dog - she got herself some good loving for her life!

kybarb said...

That is just the cutest dog ever. I do hope Toby eventually enjoys her company also. Do you know what breed she is? I did DNA on both of my rescue dogs with some interesting results--bought the kits on ebay for $40 each I think.

Kristin_Texas said...

One of the furkids I've ever seen! Truly. I love those perky little puppy ears!


Kristin_Texas said...

Make that "one of the CUTEST furkids I've ever seen." (Typing on laptops are not my thing. I'm all butter fingers).


Barb said...

Deanna - She is hard to resist. Hope her big brother has relented and is welcoming her to the fold. What a face!

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