Saturday, November 23, 2013

Focus on You

by Dotti

Oh, gosh! I could have featured half a dozen great photos here this week, it was really hard to decide. But in the end ... how could I resist this? It's such an iconic photo for this time of year as we approach Thanksgivine week. I love Maria Chiesa's chucks! The lovely, warm, roaring fire. {I guess it doesn't hurt that our overnight temps dropped below freezing so that fire may have whispered my name each time I cruised by.} And finally, Maria's wonderful signature word art ... perfect for the photo; perfect for the monthly theme; perfect for Thanksgiving week.

Maria is no stranger to our FOY pages and we're delighted that she keeps playing along with us on the FOL Flickr page. You can view all of her lovely photos and superb word art on her Flickr stream under 'Echie52'.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your gratitude with us ... but we're not done yet! One more week to go and there ought to be plenty of photo ops this week. Happy Thanksgiving!


Jeanne said...

Love this shot, and yes, something to be so grateful for.

Anonymous said...

Looks warm and cosy!

terriporter said...

This just makes me want to climb into the photo and enjoy that cozy fire! Thanks for this, Maria, and all your other shots you share with us.

Carol said...

Yummy photo. It's just about enough to make me look forward to winter!

Kim Stevens said...

Oh yes, this is so perfect and our temps here on the gulf have plummeted to the 40's - don't laugh - that is like an arctic wave for us here, haha. I need to find my slippers and some hot cocoa and sit by that fire!

AFishGirl said...

Yay! Loved this shot right when I saw it first.

susan said...

love this shot…so peaceful and relaxed…something we all can appreciate especially at this time of year.

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