Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Look Deeper

By Carol H.

A couple of weeks ago I went to my favorite park for a little photo walk with myself. It was early morning and here in Seattle we were experiencing our 8th straight day of dense fog.

As I looked at the entrance to the park the fog seemed even thicker and I thought well, I probably won’t get any good shots, but decided to take the walk anyway.

As I walked deeper into the interior of the park it felt like I had entered another world.

Everywhere I looked I saw beautiful color, dew dripping off every plant, and the geese, ducks, and herons so relaxed that they didn’t fly away as I drew near.

In the middle of the park is a lake with a 3 mile paved path that circles it. When I walk this path at a good pace, it takes me 45 minutes to complete the loop. That morning I was in there for 3 hours!

The experience served to remind me that when seeking beauty, we don’t need to look farther, just deeper.

Have a beautiful day.


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AFishGirl said...

I love these shots. They are hauntingly beautiful. Thanks for reminding me about the fog.

Barbara said...

A beautiful post Carol, I took some fog shot while in Portland and my daughter in law keep saying you are acting like a kid in a candy store. That was how I was feeling truly, so wonderful to experience it with my camera. I haven't posted them yet, I think I keep them close just for me awhile aren't I strange! Your images are always powerful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images!! A real treat to see....! Thanks for sharing! ~ Karen

Kim Stevens said...

Just deeper, yes my friend, for the magic lies just beyond . . . and you found magic! I always love when we get fog here, usually around spring time.

Dotti said...

These are some of the most amazing 'fog' photos I think I've seen. They're moody without being melodramatic; color exists; life {geese} is to be seen. Yes, this is my kind of fog. Fabulous job, Carol ... and awesome advice,.

radish38 said...

Carol, you are such a wonderful photographer.

heyjudephotography said...

I LOVE fog and don't get enough mornings or days where we have it, and I'm available to shoot it. You have some beautiful shots here that do prove that beauty is everywhere - we just need to look deeper. Wonderfully done Carol!

Anonymous said...

A truly magical, mystical experience. Brilliant images. You were truly in the moment, Carol. And that last shot really grabs me.

kelly said...

carol...such beautiful photos. isn't that the best feeling to be fully immersed in your surroundings?

Deanna said...

Oh I love these dreamy soft photos of your lovely time at the park.

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