Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter Beauty

by Leigh

As I sat inside all snuggled up in a cozy blanket with a cup of hot coffee in my hands I could hear tapping on the window as the sleet rained down.  Ice storms can be very destructive and we have had some doozies in the past few years.  Hopefully it will pass through quickly without affecting anything or anyone too much.  For now I'll just sit back and sift through the holiday catalogs that have piled up. 

I don't know about you, but once winter sets in so does a little bit of depression.  Nature is one of my muses and as the cold sets in dormancy begins.   My motivation to go outside and find beauty is gone just like the leaves that have fallen and are now bagged up sitting on the curb to be hauled away.  I guess it's time for my camera to go hibernate inside it's cozy bag.  

……Time for another cup of coffee.  Wait…what's that?  I don't hear the tap tap tapping of the sleet anymore.  I look outside and everything is glistening!  I can feel my creative juices start to flow and I grab my camera out of the bag and put on my macro lens.  As I open the door the freezing cold air hits my face and I realize that perhaps I should change out of my pajamas first.  

All around me there is beauty just begging to be captured.  I don't know where to start first!  The ice is like jewels on the Nandina!  Fallen leaves are encased in ice which makes every detail and color pop!  
There is so much to see and look at.  I feel inspired!  

Perhaps I just need to change my focus and instead of looking for obvious beauty I need to look for the story of winter.  I want to capture the juxtaposition of life and death…the contrast between obvious beauty and the often overlooked "ugly".  I find myself entranced by winter.  Winter has proved me wrong.  There is a lot to be seen!  Seed pods and berries, turning and twisting branches, interesting silhouettes.  Join me this winter to find beauty in the unexpected.  Venture out into the cold, the wet, the frozen!  Winter has made me feel even more alive.


Peggy said...

Thank you for sharing the beauty that is found even in winter. You pictures are amazing. Peggy from PA

Katarina said...

I feel a bit down too, when winter arrives - and I do so long for spring. But your photos are beautiful - despite the season!

Dotti said...

Yes, winter has the same effect on me and I find it very difficult to be photographically inspired. And since I'm in the midst of a 365 ... yes, that's nervous finger tapping you hear from me. We should all vow to never, ever put our camera into hibernation! It's more difficult ... but perhaps more rewarding when we seek the less obvious beauty of winter. And we all know a good dose of camera therapy goes a loonnngg way!

terriporter said...

Oh, Leigh, your photos are just stunning! They remind me of when I lived in NY and we had an ice storm. I was so down that I was stuck at home and couldn't go anywhere because even my studded snow tires were useless in the ice. But the next morning, all was forgiven as I woke to a fairyland of ice crystals hanging from every tree like diamonds! When Mother Nature takes something away, she usually gives back as well. We just have to be open to seeing it. I'm so glad you ventured out (and got dressed first!) to capture the beauty.

Viv@within the Frame said...

Thanks for the reminder look for beauty everywhere..

kelly said...

this is beautiful leigh. and i too find that photography has helped me to endure the cold, dark months of winter. finding beauty even when it's challenging. and truly it makes all the difference.

heyjudephotography said...

No Leigh! Don't ever put your camera away for hibernation! You found so much beauty here. I try to remember that beauty is everywhere, it may not be so obvious in the throes of winter, but it's there. That's usually easier to follow at the beginning of the winter, but after months of it, a little harder!

Rosie Grey said...

I can so relate, Leigh! November always makes me feeling depressed and it's hard to find something beautiful to photograph, especially with those long dark hours. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences - I will try to follow your example! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delete…let me start over lol!
Leigh, I was totally bummed out today until I read your wonderful post with the beautiful photos! It motivated me to get up, get dressed and go find some beauty in my own backyard! The sun finally came out today and beaconed me outdoors…just what I needed! Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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