Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Heart Art

by Susan

It's the month of February...the month of 'love'...the month of hearts!  In case you haven't noticed...hearts are everywhere! Here-a-heart, there-a-heart, everywhere there's heart art.

If you adore photographing hearts, well then this is your month! But what about when February passes? Do you still see them? Search for them? I'll let you in on something about me...I do! I see them everywhere. Seriously...I'm not kidding. Everywhere! Want to know something kinda cool though? I think it's rubbed off a little on my family. Check out the shot below that my sister, Karen, just had to share with me.  There's a sweet little random heart in what appears to be a...litter box? Yes, that's a litter box. My sister's cat peed a heart...and she was soooo excited to share with me! Of course I love it!

With Valentine's Day almost upon us, may you see the love, feel the love, and 'be the love' in all that surrounds you.  You'll be amazed at what's out there

Happy Valentine's Day everyone...from my heart to yours. 



Sandra said...

We certainly can't get away from hearts as Valentine's Day is almost upon us! These are a lovely collection and I especially like the clover leaf with its heart-shaped leaves set on a delicate shade of pink!

terriporter said...

Love all of your heart images! I tend to see them everywhere too and not just in February. It's fun that once you start looking for them, they are all over the place! Hoping to see a lot of hears and a lot of red in the Flickr gallery this month!

Dotti said...

I think seeking hearts is kind of like seeing four-leaf clovers. Some people seem to see four-leaf clovers wherever they are, others {like me} have yet to find one. It's kind of like that with hearts but fortunately hearts are not as elusive. And I'm learning to be intentional about looking for them! Fun post, Susan and a wonderful set of heart. I guess you could say I {{ heart }} this post!

Cathy H. said...

It's all in the eye! If you seek hearts you will find them...everywhere! I love what I call God's little gifts from nature, those random hearts! A wonderful post and beautiful hearts!

kelly said...

susan all i can say is that anyone who knows me and reads my blog will understand how much i love the fact that you shared a picture of your sister's cat's litter box. :) thanks for the inspiration today! gonna keep my eye out for hearts! :)

Katie said...

when i was out photographing eagles and herons and wrens (oh my!) this morning, i saw a heart in the snow at my feet. they really are all around us if you look close enough! ; )

Anonymous said...

Now that is the most beautiful litter box image I have ever seen! What a good lesson about vision. Wonderful post Susan.

Anonymous said...

I see hearts in the clouds all the time! That was a favorite pastime for me and my sister (also named Karen) to do when we were kids. Im kinda glad we did not have all the video games, electronics and gadgets to keep us indoors. I think it has made us to appreciate the simple things in life. Well, I searched and searched for a heart of some kind and finally resorted to doing the dishes…thats when I started to make a heart out of the bubbles:)
Great post and photos, thanks for sharing!

Kim Stevens said...

Oh Susan, I {{heart}} your hearts! :) You would love the heart shaped leaf I found in my garden last year helping my son on a had a perfectly shaped keyhole in the middle of it!!

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