Wednesday, April 2, 2014


by Susan

What's 4-22-2014 you ask?  It's Earth Day! Yay!  Not only is it Earth Day but it's what we are focusing on this month here at FOL.  So my friends, what are some things we can do this month to contribute to Earth Day?  Well...maybe we could all drive a little less...

and possibly bike a little bit more

...and walk, jog, skip, jump...just use your imagination when headed out the door.

Got energy? Earth sure does! Solar!

Plants love it so much they give it a standing ovation!

What else can we do to help out?  Let's try to keep our water pure.  This shot below had to be the cleanest little puddle of water that I've stumbled upon...

Every thing we do will make a difference in our lives here on earth...and for those just starting out

Just remember, it's all up to

What does Earth Day mean to you? What will you do to make this a better world? Remember to share your photos with us via instagram and/or flickr.   xo's everyone!


Dotti said...

What a wonderful, beautiful, fun way to remind us all the each and every one of us has should and can do something to protect Mother Earth. It's amazing how each small action that we take can add up when it's multiplied by millions. I'm so proud of our FOL community for talking about this very important topic this month. Let's each get out and do our part ... and let's try to find new ways in which we can protect and celebrate our earth ... not just this month but every month. Yay, Susan!

terriporter said...

Your posts are always so full of beauty, your photos illustrating your words so perfectly! I completely agree that each and every one of us need to do our part to protect our Earth, and even if it is a seemingly small act, every little bit counts and you have given us some perfect examples of things we could all do. We need to remember that this is our home and we all need to be a part of protecting it. I'm excited to hear everyone's comments and see photos in the Flickr group commemorating Earth Day but I'm hoping the things we choose to do this month will carry on throughout the year.

Kim Stevens said...

Oh you are so right Susan. We have very large footprints, we humans. So many forget that we don't walk this earth alone, and that just as we have a purpose, so does everything else. Our latest "accidental" oil spill in the bay, has now found 4 sea turtles and 21 dolphins on shore, dead. We simply can't afford to make some of these mistakes, over and over again, before we have polluted everything. Oh, can you tell this is something I feel passionate about? :) Your photos are beautiful and your reminder so needed!! xo

kelly said...

wow these are gorgeous photos susan!! and i so totally agree about small things making a big impact. and i think it's always an important reminder that we humans are part of a much larger picture. so looking forward to this month's theme and all the ways we can celebrate this wonderful planted we call home.

Anonymous said...

Deanna...your photos are amazing! Thank you for sharing them with us! My husband and I have always talked about going there, but it is on our "to do" list for sure!

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