Saturday, April 26, 2014

Focus on You

Image by {Flickr}  elisas2012

Image by Barb, {Flickr}  Barb @ Keeping With the Times

Image by Mickael Curty, {Flickr} miibee

I first want to say thank you to Terri for her great "Earth Day" challenge this week, and for all of you who took on that challenge.

Now I  know it's not typical to pick more than one photo, but in each of these I can feel their anticipation, excitement in the moment, and engagement with their surroundings, and really what could be better than that?

There have been beautiful flowers, and bees, and butterflies. There have been textures and new growth, and colorful landscapes. And, as each one has been wonderful, these pulled at my heart strings this week. What better way to celebrate our earth, than with the children of our future.

Thank you so much to elisas2012, to Barb, and to Michael and be sure to check out the links {under their photos) to their photostreams!

Happy Saturday,


terriporter said...

I have been loving browsing the Flickr gallery this week with everyone's answer to the Earth Day Photo challenge. Some amazing work there but I agree, these shots with the children really touched me. Thank you to everyone for participating and sharing your Earth Day images with us here at FOL.

Barb Brookbank said...

Thank you for featuring my photo today. It really touched my heart.

Dotti said...

These are three wonderful photos ... so perfect for Earth Day! Congratulations, Elisa, Barb, and Mickael!

Carol said...

SO glad you picked the children - so so wonderful and filled with a child's excitement

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