Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Glorious Green

"Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises."
~Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Do you find yourself drawn to one color over another?  Have you ever looked through your photo catalog and find a common thread of color woven throughout?  That color for me is green.  After seeing the prevalence of green in my photos I decided to do some research on what that might say about me.  

Green is the color of balance and harmony….yep that makes total sense.  Those are two things I'm constantly striving for in my life.  Delving deeper into color psychology I found out that "green is the balancer of the heart and the emotions, it creates an equilibrium between the head and the heart."  

Color for me plays a big part in everything we do. Various colors bring forth different emotions.  Green is the color of growth and the color most associated with Spring, the time of renewal.  It is a de-stresser.  You can look at shades of green and instantly feel calmer and more at peace.  

What colors do you see most often when looking through your viewfinder?  Do a little research and see what that says about you!


Dotti said...

Green is not the first color that normally draws me in but I must tell you, Leigh, that right now we are so green from all the snow of winter and rain of spring that we rival the Emerald Isles. It is a gorgeous world out there right now! To be honest ... all colors draw me in. I don't have to research that ... it probably means I'm a color schizophrenic. I'll have to start meditating more on green ... calm myself down.

Kim Stevens said...

What I love about spring is all the new green growth, it's such a vibrant and fresh color, but I must admit...I'm really drawn to pinks (shock, I know,lol)

Terri Porter said...

As Dotti said, I love all color but when I went back through my images I found that it's the reds and pinks that seem to predominate. I love those colors in flowers and sunsets. We don't have a lot of green here in the desert so it's a good thing it's not the color I go looking for! But looking at your beautiful green shots is definitely soothing and calming so you're right about that. Will have to check and see what a love of red and pink means!

GailO said...

I probably have more green in my photos and my house than all other colors put together. The second color is probably brown.:)

Viv@within the Frame said...

Green is always very evident in my part of the world the south west of England gets it's fair share of the wet stuff. When I look through my viewfinder I can't say I particularly look for a colour as such, but I do know that my camera likes the pastel shades and doesn't react well to brights.

Cathy H. said...

I have a lot of green in my photos, because it's the backdrop of most of my nature images. But, the attraction is the neutrals of nature that emphasize textures and shapes. If I'm photographing flowers...all colors work for me!

susan said...

So enjoyed your post Leigh! As far as favorite color? It's actually shades of green against blues…like the green landscape against the blue sky.

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