Tuesday, May 27, 2014

As the World Turns

by Kim

"Time is a sort of river of passing events,

and strong is its currents;

no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place,

and this too will be swept away."
- Marcus Aurelius

As you are reading this, my daughter and I are counting down the mere hours that we have left here in Chicago...we will be getting home late tonight after visiting family and friends for an entire week.
Strangely, one of the things I noticed right away when we arrived were all the dandelions in the yards, along the roads, in the fields. Literally just everywhere.
And I've been slightly mesmerized by them...
Mostly the fluffy white seeds.
And as I watched them in my moms yard, somehow they started to make me think about my time here. They started out in a beautiful globe shape (like a full week), and slowly the seeds blew away until there were only a few left (as in hours.)  
Living 1200 miles away from your family can give you a different perspective on time. There are no quick shopping trips just because or morning coffee. Or hey, how about lunch tomorrow.
Time is precious and just like the dandelion seeds, once it blows away, no matter how hard you try you can't get it back.
Several years ago I wrote some thoughts about time that I would like to share with you today:
We all start with the same amount,
each morning as the dawn breaks
and it can be a challenge to manage it well.
It is a gift, that some use wiser than others
because we simply take it for granted,
and are seldom thankful enough for it.
And although it unfolds right before our eyes,
it cannot be seen or touched.
But, even though we can't hold it in our hands,
the memories gathered from it can be held in our hearts.
Some always seem pressed for it,
but it requires some patience as it cannot be rushed.
We race against it, we run out of it,
and some try to buy, borrow and even kill it.
But it is a non-renewable resource
worth its weight in gold,
meant to be used in the present
and cannot be sold.
Its only requirement is that we be here now.
That we celebrate and not squander it
and that we not wish it away to spite today.
Because once we waste it,
it can't be turned around.
And make no mistake, it waits for no one.
It will go on without us, guaranteed, time after time.
Yes, time, it's that one thing that can't be saved, that must be used.
And as the world turns we get 1440 minutes a day, how are you going to use yours?
P.S - Deanna, thank you for sharing some of your time with me, I am grateful!!
*Disclaimer: I took these photos here and edited them on my moms computer which is probably not calibrated and have no idea what these really look like. :)


Carol said...

They look PERFECT, and your writing is beautiful! Thank you, friend, for the reminder not to squander today.

heyjudephotography said...

What a lovely post Kim. I too live far away from all of my family, and time is so precious when we get to see each other. Such an important reminder to not squander our days. Thank you for this.

Tamar SB said...

These are AMAZING. Wow. It is hard to live from family, I feel that with my sister. This was a perfect reminder for me - thanks!

Dotti said...

This post is very close to my heart as we wend our way to the airport after a visit with my 86-year old mom and other family members. We are the distant relatives, my siblings live much closer to mom. The time spent is precious.

Kim Hall said...

Very well said Kim ! I really was in need of your positivity this morning. It has been a rough one so far. You made me smile through my tears . Love the pictures and they turned out great !

Linda/patchwork said...

The photos are beautiful. And, so are your words...as usual.
Time is something we can't hold in our hands. It passes so quickly.

CarolHart said...

These images are absolutely stunning! Love your prose as well. Thank you for such a lovely post.

Adrienne said...

Beautiful photos - I especially love that second shot! I think that keeping time a positive - as in I have THIS time...right now - and not letting in become a negative - fear of wasting it, feeling like it's not enough, going by too fast etc. - That's my "challenge" - my goal. I pray to not loose time to worrying about time! Today is my 'catch up' day...work well, organize and clean a few things. With any luck hug my son. {might get to see him for a few minutes tonight} Laugh with my husband. And sleep well. Thanks for asking!

Cathy said...

Your photos are beautiful, but it is your words about time that speak to me so today. xoxo

terriporter said...

Stunningly gorgeous photos (that last one . . . sigh!) and beautifully written words. I'm lucky enough to have my mom and sister only 2-1/2 hours away and two of my sons in town. When my third son comes to visit, I hold tight to every minute he's here because it's one minute closer to when he leaves. But it should be like that for every minute we have with those we love. There are only so many of them and they should be treasured. It's so easy to get caught up in wishing time way, looking forward rather than at the present. Such wise words, my friend.

gina said...

Beautiful images -- I've never seen dandelions look so good! Your message is such a good reminder for all of us. Carpe diem! Your poem expressed many of my feelings about time. Thank you.

kelly said...

my parents recently moved closer to me...something for which i am so very grateful. even still your beautiful post is a wonderful reminder to cherish every minute i have with them. a lovely way to start the week.

Cathy H. said...

I happened to live within walking distance of my parents, for which I'm grateful, but I think I take their closeness for granted much of the time. Thanks for the wonderful reminder in your breathtaking images and in your words to cherish the moments we have!

Sarah Huizenga said...

LOVE that second photo of the dandelion with little snippets of blue showing through. The photos look great! Hope you had a great time in Chicago. You had a great week for it.

Deanna said...

Such lovely thoughts and photos. It was a pure pleasure to spend time with you and your wonderful daughter, Chloe.

susan said...

Beautiful post, images…simply beautiful. xo's

Lisa Comperry said...

I was working on my own pics and surfing the web when I came across this post! I too love your writing and photos :-)

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