Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Focusing On 'Life'

by Susan

Look familiar...the title?  Of course it does.  It's our blog, our group...our little sanctuary to remind ourselves to take the time, to focus on 'life' really focus on it.

With that's a busy time here at my home.  Family is coming to stay, kids are graduating, Mother's Day is approaching, and there is a wedding just around the corner!  The universe gently touches my soul and silently goes by in a blink of an eye...focus on life.

This post is short-n-sweet…yes it is...because this mama's focusing on her life...her family...this week.  Special thanks to Kris McNeil, my photog friend, for posing with me in my vintage shot above.  We had a fun few hours on a photo drive which all will be shared in my next post here on FOL.

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kelly said...

i hear you! may is a busy month for me too. glad you're taking time for your family and yourself. :)

terriporter said...

That's what we're all about here at FOL, focusing on our lives. Sometimes those lives get hectic and crazy and we just have to roll with it. Glad you were able to make time to hang out with Kris for a little "me" time and I LOVE the photos!

Dotti said...

Loving those 'vintage' photos. Nothing like a child's wedding to bring out the nostalgia buried in our hearts. Your post is a good reminder to keep our lives balanced and our priorities straight. Photography sure helps with that, doesn't it?

Kim Stevens said...

May is a busy month for most I think, me included. I'm on my way here real quick to go pick my girl up from college . . . in the pouring rain today! Love the bike shot!

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