Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spontaneous or Planned?

 by Leigh


So which one are you?  Spontaneous or a planner? Do you go about life just waiting to see what's over the next hill or do you carefully plan each step that you take in a rhythmic and methodical manner?

Now think about your approach to photography.  Do you spontaneously shoot or carefully plan out the photograph?  Does your photography match the way you are in your day to day life?

I was just thinking about this the other day after reading the insightful and inspiring post by our guest blogger Kim Manley Ort.  She talked about living a contemplative life through photography.  Her post resonated with me because I've always considered photography to be a meditation of sorts.  I go out with my camera, a calm mind and an open eye and discover what wants to be seen.  It's  very spontaneous and a time to be in the here and now.  I feel a rhythm and an openness with nature and if I can quiet my mind enough then I'm more receptive to hear and see what is out there.  And this is very similar to my day to day life.  Of course, I am a planner when it comes to scheduling work and kids activities and I do enjoy my predictable routine during the week, but on the weekends I like to go with the flow.  


I am currently taking Kim Klassen's Be Still online photography class and I have to admit….I felt very out of my comfort zone at the beginning.  How could I start to think out my photographs ahead of time when I have alway set out to discover and experience the moments I capture.  But at the same time I feel very much at home because she talks about taking time to breathe and to be still and be inspired.  

Be Still ManifestoI believe ….. there’s bits of lovely everywhere….stop, PAUSE... look...see...Shadow, light.... lines and cracks...the weathered, the worn....tattered, torn....Life is, downs... ins .... outs....Amongst it all... there's beauty ...just waiting to be found. Still life ……
finding pretty pieces… perfectly imperfects…. placing them close and making pretty pictures....
the pause, the quiet, the taking time….. a long cleansing breath……a daily practice.  ~Kim Klassen

She's combining the meditative approach with a well thought out study of still life photography.  I'm realizing that I don't have to be one or the other.  I can be both and find a new aspect of capturing the moment.  Sometimes we all need to be gently pushed out of our comfort zones…don't you think?


Carol said...

What a good take-away from the class! I am loving it, but I hadn't thought about it that way. Very thoughtful! And I love your photography. I wander t of and see what shows up and speaks to me.

Dotti said...

I'm a mixture. I can wander and look but then when I see I need to really look more closely. That's why my travel photos always disappoint ... not enough time to contemplate. On the other hand, I have been known to plan ahead for photos, particularly when I'm planning to link up to Texture Tuesday and Friday Finds. It comes as no surprise that Kim Klassen's two linky parties would require that kind of planning! I love both your photos and the wabi-sabi is great! Good thoughts, as Carol says, from Kim's class, which I think most of us are taking. I'm hoping to catch up since we have this week off.

Cathy said...

I really liked this post because it got me thinking. My inner self fights planning; it seems almost like cheating to me. After all it is about capturing the moment for me. But I have come to a place in Kim's class where I feel more comfortable and am enjoying the process of planning and creating. There is room for both and yes, both mingle in life. Great post Leigh!

terriporter said...

It sounds like we are all learning so much from Be Still! I am definitely an "explore and capture what I see" photographer for the most part but in real life, I'm a planner (right, Dotti?) So I completely get what you're saying here about being out of your comfort zone but I also agree that we can be both planners and spontaneous in different types of photography and that's a very good thing!

Deanna said...

I must admit that I signed up for Kim's class and haven't even started it yet. Summertime yardwork and catching up has kept my days filled and I haven't had the time to devote to the class (shame on me). But I do tend to be a spontaneous photographer, I go on little photo trips (arboretum) but let the day unfold and capture the moments and things I see at that time.

kelly said...

totally! and i think that you are so right on about there being a place for me they are mututally beneficial...the openess and awareness of the more 'spontaneous' kind of photography. but then the focus and quietness of mind and body in still life. i love how we are all taking this same class and finding different things to inspire our photography and our lives. beautiful leigh!

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