Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Dance of Repetition

by Susan

OK, let me just start off by saying that I 'love-love-love' {pattern} this month's theme.  Patterns are everywhere!  In our photos, nature... our surroundings... in the way we conduct our lives... and yes... even in the way we write {... pattern}.

As far as photography, patterns are right in front of you... so take notice!  There are patterns of identical repetition with an uninterrupted flow... like the photo above. The pattern and color repeats itself in the tiny leaves and it flows.  But what happens when you just add a bit of color to a repetitive set?  You break the pattern!  And in photography this is known as capturing the interruption of the flow of a pattern.  It's as if the subject is saying... notice me, not the others, just like the image below.

Whether you are photographing an image that completely fills the frame, giving it a much larger feel than it actually is

... or photographing a small cluster of a repetitive pattern... with a small break in it. {that little upside down toothpick}

Just try to focus on bringing out the best in the patterns that you see... and take your best shot.  You know... repetitions in everyday life sometimes can be... well... repetitious.  I say, open your eyes and see the beauty in the repetition around you. You'll be amazed at how beautiful the dance of repetition is... in photography... and... in life.



Jeanne said...

Love your shots and think they are a aperfect example of the months theme. Just got my camera back from the camera hospital, so will have to get to work on this theme.

Lisa said...

Lovely gorgeous shots. I love the theme.

terriporter said...

Your photos are a perfect (and perfectly beautiful!) example of "patterns". And I love your demonstration of "breaking the pattern"! Once you start looking for them, patterns are everywhere so this should be a fun month in the Flickr gallery and on IG! Can't wait to see what everybody posts!

Dotti said...

Great introduction to 'patterns', Susan, with lovely, lovely photos! I, for one, seldom think to 'look' for patterns so this month will be good for me, taking me out of my normal pattern {whoops, there's that word!} of observation. Let the fun begin!

kelly said...

this is so great susan! and what stunning photographs. looking forward tot he challenge and inspiration of patterns this month!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Susan! Being a creature of routine and habit, it's good to be reminded to look for the "rebel" in my daily routine. ; )

Kim Stevens said...

Susan, your photographs are so great...I'm so looking forward to this months theme!!

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