Saturday, July 5, 2014

Focus On You

by Judy

June's theme of "patterns" has been so much fun!  The gallery has been filled with so many delights for our eyes! Isn't it amazing how many patterns we can see when we really look?

We are now into our July theme - Simplicity - but to round out our theme of patterns, this fun photo from Sherry Galey really caught my eye!  What a pattern this is!  I loved the symmetry.  I loved the shine and reflection.  And just knowing that this great shot is of the front of a vintage car makes it all the more fun!  Thank you Sherry for sharing this with us, and thank you to everyone who posted "pattern" photos in June!


terriporter said...

Such a wonderful "pattern"! Love the color and the crop -- so much personality in this shot! Thanks for sharing it, Sherry!

Cathy H. said...

Great image! I love shots of vintage cars!

Jeanne said...

Great shot from Sherri, it is really fun looking at all of the patterns around us

Cathy said...

Such a great shot! Thanks so much Judy!

Anonymous said...

I just loved looking at all the fantastic patterns in the flickr group this month. They're everywhere when you keep you eye out! I feel very honoured that you liked my vintage car pic and featured it here.

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