Saturday, July 12, 2014

Focus On You

by Judy

This week's 'simple' selection is from M.E. Rawl.  This simple, yet simply beautiful, photo of the delicate curtain and dreamy light really drew me in.  What can be more simple than the magic of light? Simply lovely!  

Thank you Mary for sharing this with us.  You can see more of Mary's work in her flickr stream.  We look forward to seeing more of everyone's 'simplicity' photos this month, so please share them with us in our flickr stream, and be sure to tag them "simple" or "simplicity."  


terriporter said...

An absolutely perfect selection! And I know how hard it must have been to choose one photo out of the many wonderful "simple" shots in the gallery. Thanks so much, Mary, for sharing with us!

Jeanne said...

Really do love the simplicity of this shot. It feels like summer, and captures the magic of the season!

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