Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Courageous No

by Kelly

I hope that you are soaking up every last, blessed drop of summer.  For me, time away from the computer has been just what the doctor ordered. There is a part of me that is a little fearful to be away for so long - fear of missing out, fear of being forgotten about in the noisy world of the interwebs.  But I can feel my creativity renewing...It has certainly been worth the risk.

Thank you for continuing to play along with our weekly color challenges.  This week the color is turquoise and we look forward to seeing your beautiful images in the Flickr pool.

Until next time,



Dotti said...

Such a pretty photo, Kelly! Love that turquoise jar. It's true ... we are so tied to our technology that it can be daunting to pull back even temporarily. I have used the August Break period to actually take a mini-break. I'm not totally off the grid but I am on it much less. It's liberating. And now I can feel my shutter finger getting itchy and the wheels of creativity turning. We'll all be pumped with energy come September!

terriporter said...

Mini breaking here too. I find it pretty hard to disengage from my technology altogether and I can really identify with your fear of missing something. But a bit of a break is good for all of us, I think. When I commented on Dotti's photo yesterday, I told her that the ocean was my favorite aqua subject as well as Ball jars, and now here you are with a Ball jar! Such beautiful focus on your shot. I too am loving all the color in the gallery!

Deanna said...

A break is good, especially when you spend it with those you love and enjoying time well spent. I too am a lover of ball jars, have 3 in different sizes along with drinking jars...went a little overboard. Enjoy your time and I am lovin' that shot!!

AFishGirl said...

Forget you? Are you crazy? No way! Miss you? Yes. See you on the flip side, dear you.

oxoxo Pam

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