Monday, October 27, 2014

Please Don't Take It Away

by Carol

In case you hadn't noticed, I am a workshop/photography travel junkie. It's always hard to know when I come home to the blog how much of a personal experience makes our readers feel connected to us, and when it becomes overload. We (collectively) have written about our Galveston retreat all week. And we could go through another week talking about our individual experiences. So let me just say at the outset: I loved the trip, and LOVED the time with the generous, creative, talented, big-hearted, gorgeous, smart, empowered, fun women I call my FOL sisters. As to everything everyone has already said here - ditto - ditto - ditto!

But I came home thinking about my teacher friends - one who recently retired as an art teacher because the department was discontinued in her district. I also noticed an up-coming area speaker who will be addressing the fact that photographers are being laid off from newspaper staffs, in favor of reporters with cell phones.

And so I will use this space to say - please help preserve art in this world! In every group of photographers I have been thrown together with there are stories about how art saved their lives, how art gives them joy , how it is therapy for their souls. Art education develops creative thinking, gives alternative opportunities to children who learn differently, or present differently to the world. It creates people, in every field of employment, who can think outside the box. It awakens personal expression and individuality. It is an eternal joy and an important gift to give our children.


Just look at all the love and joy you have read about here that happened in our little 4 day weekend. I have made friends all over the world through the arts. I have learned who I am. I have felt that I am contributing somehow.

John Kennedy said, "If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him." Will our culture ever nourish the arts instead of the moneylenders? Will our teachers ever receive the respect they should? Will our hometown galleries stop going out of business any time soon? Please, please ,please -  do everything you can to support your local arts, and to encourage our lawmakers and decision-makers to do the same. The joy I have received from the arts is inseparable from my place in this world, from my gratitude, from my soul. Let's pay it forward!


Dotti said...

This is such an important post. And I would include music in the arts category as well. Far too many schools have just tossed the visual arts and music programs because of budget cuts. The math and sciences might feed our brains, but the arts feed our hearts and nurture our souls. We're fortunate in our small community to have a very active community arts center that has rotating exhibitions, classes, a variety of programs to engage like minded people. But ... we need these things in our schools, too. This is where the appreciation and understanding begins. Thanks for a very thought-provoking post, Carol!

susan said...

Agree wholeheartedly! An important reminder... thank you Carol!

Deanna said...

We all need this reminder to preserve and protect the arts, as Dotti said the arts feed our hearts and souls. Fortunately the Arts are very vital in my town as well as in the city of Chicago, we value all art forms and can't imagine life without them.

Kim Stevens said...

Such a great post Carol...everyone needs to be afforded the opportunity when they are younger to experience the "arts", all of them. I truly believe we are all born with creative, artistic abilities that should be nurtured as a way of expressing ourselves.

kelly said...

yes. carol. just yes. art saves, art heals. I'm living proof.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, Carol. And I think many feel this way -- unconsciously being positively affected by art but not realizing it -- but wouldn't put it into these words. But you did, so thank you!

Jeanne said...

This is so true of art, and for me too, especially the art in photography. I can't say enough of how much this has meant to me. Brings so much joy in to my life! Great post and how wonderful to have all the memories from this 4 day weekend

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