Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Traveling Lens Project

by Leigh

Have you heard about The Traveling Lens Project?   The LM-10 is the newest Lensbaby made for mobile photography.  Shutter Sisters along with Lensbaby selected 31 photographers from 18 states and 8 countries to try out the lens for a week and learn to see in a new way.  I was thrilled to be selected to participate in this project.  Lensbaby is known for their sweet spot lenses and this one does not disappoint!  The lens attaches magnetically with the help of a little metal ring that affixes to your phone.  Then you use the Lensbaby app to move the sweet spot around, lock your exposure, spot meter, and utilize the rule of thirds grid.  You select what you want in focus while everything else is beautifully blurred out.  You can even shoot video with the LM-10.  

This has been the most fun I've had shooting with my phone in a long time!   With the help of this little lens I was able to see things in a completely new way and felt inspired again as I sought out texture and color.  I thought more about how these elements would blend together.  Even the photo of my little nephew looks soft and sweet with the Lensbaby even though he was seconds away from getting in trouble for washing his sandbox hands in the water feature.  I was already feeling withdrawals when it was time to pass this lens along to the next person so I decided to order one of my very own.  If you are in the market for a new gadget I highly recommend this sweet spot lens!  Be sure and checkout the gallery and #travelinglensproject on Instagram to see some beautiful shots from the other photographers. 


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