Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bon Voyage to Friends, with Gratitude

by Linda
"The morning show"

This past week some bittersweet news came through the blogsphere. You may be aware that a dearly loved blog Mortal Muses, has decided to say farewell to their blog. At least as it currently exists as they have promised a new project is in store for 2015. So they will not disappear completely, merely transform which is good new/bad news.

Of course, we will miss their daily inspirational posts and beautiful photography. Of course we can't wait to see what comes next!

Mortal Muses came into my blogdom around the time Tammy Lee Bradley founded it in 2010. It was a blog written by women photographers, "muses".

"The muses are all of one mind, their hearts are set upon song and their spirit is free from care" - Hesiod
(this quote sat below the original Mortal Muses banner)

Each muse offered their own thoughts on photography. A different perspective that I enjoyed reading and exploring. The blog and the muses changed over time, each time, while sad to see one go, a new muse brought a fresh voice that I enjoyed.

Mortal Muses offered a "Muse University" where I could go to find tips and techniques. Several flickr galleries were available to share inspired photographs.  Mortal Muses had flickr galleries for "Everyday Beauty", "Life in B&W" and a "Theme Gallery"  Eventually they added galleries-for film -"Film Friday" and for phoneography-"Mobile Monday". 

Mortal Muses has inspired me in many ways, in particular with phoneography. The pictures they were taking with their phones were so good. They embraced the community and generously featured many different people in mosaics on their blog. It was always a surprise and honor to have one of my pictures selected for one of their mosaics and always a delight to discover the beautiful pictures by others they selected.

I have followed muse Christy (urbanmuser) for a few years. I started following her on Instagram and enjoyed her subway series. Her self portrait work is amazing. A self portrait series she did about 2 years ago with her phone is hauntingly beautiful. 2 years ago is a long time in phoneography terms but her work is timeless. I have learned much from her work and continue to be inspired by it.

I have followed muse Holly (soupatraveler) also for a few years. I have been a fan of her work since she started her "fromwhereistand" series using her iPod. Not to brag but I have been to South Africa with her twice, even on safari! Well, not really with her, vicariously through her phone pictures on Instagram which are beautiful, so it was like I was there. Her "fromwhereistand" series continues and I continue to be inspired by her work.

This is just a little piece of the total Mortal Muses. It would be hard to fit it all in one blog post! So much talent there, so much inspiration!

Each muse and a few muse alumni will be saying farewell each day on the Mortal Muses blog till Thanksgiving.

I am grateful to have found this group of talented and supportive women and I wish them well in the next endeavor.

Thank you Meghan, Vanessa, Christy, Holly, Jenny, Debra, Nikki, Van, Anna and Jenny! Bon voyage my friends, I'll see you soon!


Click here to stop by Mortal Muses before it's too late!



Dotti said...

The Muses have inspired me many times in my own photographic journey and it was a joy to meet some of them at Oasis in 2012. In fact, The Muses were one blog, along with others, that inspired the beginning of FOL. I look forward to their next chapter but in the meantime, FOL continues doing what we do, talking with you and bringing you photos and inspiration each day.

Carol said...

I will miss them! I have followed Holly for a long time - and hey - I went to Africa with her too Linda! Dieing to see where they are going next!

Deanna said...

Yes, I too started following Mortal Muses way back when Tammy Lee Bradley first introduced the Muses to us. It's been a great ride and can't wait until we see what will be unveiled in 2015. And btw I went to Africa too!!

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